Revox B790

1 9 7 7 august 1977
1 9 8 1 1981

High technology, european style, Studer style.

Most obvious is the tonearm which looks very much... not like a tonearm !

This massively hidden but ultra-short 4cm Linatrack tonearm is magnet-driven from its the top and resting on a ruby at the bottom.
The Linatrack only weighs 40g, counterweight included - see image #5 for the precise description.

The problem of the Linatrack isn't its reliability or its quality but, really, that it turns the already tedious action of changing cartridges into a nightmare : T4P cartridges should have been invented for the B790, really !

A small stylus brush is provided next to the pivoting base of the Linatrack : everytime the arm is put to its rest or play position, the cartridge is brushed - cute.

Unlike the B795 sibling or later B791, the B790 spins LPs with a Quartz-regulated DC motor made of beefy flat coils.

The chassis is almost two in one : the main base holds the electronics while the top plate, suspended by four (small) inverted springs, holds the Linatrack.
The bottom base is made of some composite compound, the top from aluminium, the sides from diecast aluminium (very pretty) and everything but the sides is covered with grey Nextel.

Nextel is a cool choice when one will be properly lit for a beautiful catalog, but in real life, it gets stained easily and ages fast and not too pretty. The very thick dustcover is made of Luran.

Despite its origin, reputation and super looks, the B790 isn't up, sonically, to a Sony PS-X800 or Technics SL-10 - by far.
But it is easy to find and it is named Revox - what names can do for you ;-)

Two inside views here, and where to properly restore your Revox B79x here, the latter link also offering the refinishing of Nextel to its tip-top shape.

Revox B790, image 1 Revox B790, image 2 Revox B790, image 3
Revox B790 specifications
Title Value
Type : Quartz-regulated direct-drive
Speeds : 33 1/3 & 45rpm
Rotating accuracy : ± 0,01%
Pitch control : ± 7%
Platter : 31,3cm / 1,1kg diecast aluminium
Startup time : < 2s (45rpm)
Stop time : < 1,5s (45rpm & 33 1/3rpm)
Wow & flutter : < 0,05% (DIN 45500, weighted)
< 0,1% (DIN 45500, linear)
S/N ratio : > 45dB (unweighted)
> 68dB (weighted)
Type : tangential with electronic locking
Tangential error : < 0,5°
Antiskating compensation : none
Tracking force : 0,5...2g, counterweight adjusted
Cueing : electronic, pneumatically damped
Muting : electronic, until cartridge is on disc
End stop : automatic, controlled by tonearm's locking
Movement locking : electronic, with DC servo motor and LED optoelectronic detection
Semiconductors : 29x ICs
30x transistors
24x diodes
1x LED
4x seven-segment LEDs
3x bridge rectifiers
PC : 30W max.
Dimensions : 45,2 x 14,2 x 38,2cm
Weight : 11kg.
List price : 1200DM (1978)
3950FF (1981)
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