Revox B760

1 9 7 8 1978
1 9 8 2 1982

Not the best FM tuner ever made but part of the very good ones.
Definitively one that mixes well typically analogue looks with digital synthesizing digits.

With 25, 50 or 75µs deemphasis, separately adjustable stereo and muting threshold, oscilloscope outputs, 25Khz or 50Khz tuning steps and high-tech C-MOS processor, the B760 can keep up to fifteen stations in memory and also automatically direct the (optional) remote Studer A176 antenna rotator.

Plug-in PCBs, plated RF shields and very serious Studer build-quality conceal a differential PLL loop which constantly compares the 1,6MHz quartz clock with the master oscillator for a tuning accuracy of ± 0,005%.

The B760 could also receive a plug-in Dolby circuit board to receive those elusive broadcasts which... never... happened.

Revox's next generation of tuners would transform the simple action of tuning in into a combat drill between the user's manual, a thousand switches and said user's (im)patience.
The B760 thus represents the end of one modus and the beginning of another.

But is anyone as lucky as having access to fifteen stations worth keeping in memory ?

Much more at,
at the Tuner Information Center,
and at the latter's "ricochets" section.

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