Revox B710

Revox B710 MKII

1 9 8 1 1981
1 9 8 5 1985

First cassette recorder that came from Studer and Revox : unlike any other back then, still sought-after today.

If looks changed rapidly for the later B215 model or its later versions, the center remained the equivalent : a magnificent diecast frame holding all four motors, three heads on an articulated bridge, two capstans and rollers for absolute mechanical stability and reliability.

Minor modifications were done between the B710 and its 710 MKII version : change of heads (3x separate Sony to 3x Canon but r/p solidary), pinch rollers (small to big) and various mods on the audio boards.

The B710 MKII's drive would be transplanted, barely changed, into the famed B215 which is, however, as a whole, not as well built as the originals...

Not often known but crucial : if Studer made its own heads for its open-reel recorders, those of Revox cassette recorders came from either Sony, Matsushita or Canon.

Nudies aplenty of all versions there :
B710 MKII,
capstan assy,
reel motor.

Revox B710, image 1 Revox B710, image 2 Revox B710, image 3
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