Revox B225

1 9 8 4 1984
1 9 8 6 1986

In true early 1980s fashion, with its drawn out blocks and shaped buttons - naive but of the everlast kind !

Quick and easy to service (Revox ain't Studer for nothing) with a pair of Philips TDA-1540 D/A chips.

As all serious players in the years that were to come, the Revox B225 was separated in three : servo & power supplies / drive / audio boards. In fact, if you put the cards horizontally, the B-225 looks pretty similar to an X7 series Sony player (or an Accuphase).

The one visible prototype from 1982, still shown in march 1983 at the HiFi Salon of Paris, was much closer to the design of the then current lineup at Revox : it already had the whole mechanical assembly being the tray, à la Philips CD303, but no embedded display / window.

I do not know if this prototype already used it (it probably did), but the production model sported the massive Philips CDM-0, as did all the Studer and Revox CD players which were all Philips-based - luckily for the owners. Later batches naturally got the CDM-1.
These truly last forever, whether in the Philips CD100, Philips CD104, Philips LHH1000, Marantz CD-63, Marantz CD-94 - etc.

Many images and nudies plus detiled technical description at ; an exploded view of the B-225 is available here ; a 1986 PDF file covering the TDA-1540 can be downloaded here.

Revox B225, image 1 Revox B225, image 2 Revox B225, image 3
Revox B225 specifications
Title Value
Frequency response : 20Hz...20Khz (+0/-0,6dB, phase linear)
Distortion : < 0,006% (20Hz...20Khz)
S/N ratio : >96dB (20Hz...20Khz ; (the TDA1540 claims a maximum of 85dB...)
Noise floor : >100dB (20Hz...20Khz - bis repetita)
Separation : >90dB (20Hz...20Khz - tertio repetita)
Pause to play : < 0,6s.
Stop to play : < 4s.
Outputs : 2V / < 500 Ohm (fixed)
0...2V / < 500 Ohm (variable)
Analog out. channel balance : ± 0,2dB
Dimensions : 45 x 10,9 x 33,2cm
Weight : 8,5kg.
Accessories : Wired and/or IR remote
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