Pioneer U-24

1 9 7 6 june 1976
1 9 8 1 1981

Part of the famous Series 20, available well into the 1980s, the U-24 sold rather... not too well : it perhaps offered too much of a cabling headache for the average audio enthusiast...

The 21 buttons, 42 terminals and 6 ground posts can route anything to anything :
phono to tape to power-amp, tape 1 to tape 2 to pre-amp or aux to tape monitoring to wherever. Or to any path you may wish. Or to any route you think you had clearly figured out before you started the actual cabling...

A 20,000¥ investment for endless weekends of wild signal wanderings !

The dedicated japanese catalog is now at hand (2011) but nowhere near being translated...

Go here or here to see a real U-24 and figure out yourself the befuddling possibilities... I'm lost here :)

Pioneer U-24, image 1 Pioneer U-24, image 2 Pioneer U-24, image 3
Pioneer U-24 specifications
Title Value
Dimensions : 42 x 32,9 x 8,1cm
Weight : 4,4kg
List price : 20,000¥ (1976)
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