Pioneer Series 20

1 9 7 6 june 1976
1 9 8 0 1980

Very successful series of high-end audio separates enclosed in simple designs but holding excellent build-quality, proven relaibility and wide market success. Also excellent sound !

Both Stereo Sound (until 1978) and Audio Accessory (until much later) often used the C-21 as monitoring preamplifier during large measuring tests such as this one.

The Series 20 started out with the four basic components but was quickly complemented by five others :

C-21 : preamplifier
M-22 : Class A power amplifier
M-25 : Class AB power amplifier
D-23 : crossover

U-24 : program selector
F-26 : 7-gang tuner
F-28 : 5-gang tuner
A-27 : Class AB integrated amplifier
PLC-590 : arm-less turntable

The PLC-590 turntable and optional PA-1000 / PA-5000 tonearms were presented as "parents" of the Series 20 but weren't marketed or displayed together, except, seemingly, in the USA...
Also worth mentioning are the A-0012 (the japanese A-27) and the F-007 (the japanese F-28).

Most successful of the series were M-22, M-25 and C-21, and to a much smaller extent the A-27.

The D-23 had its ambitions cut by Sony who sold more 4-way filters than anybody else with its TA-D88B and TA-D900.

The F-26 sadly wasn't reconized as the excellent FM tuner it is - but then it looks so minuscule when compared to a Sony ST-A7B or any of the Kenwood / Sansui biggies ! Just as for the Exclusive F3, Pioneer doesn't seem to have pushed sales, though, nor advertising.

The U-24 probably represented a bit too much cable fiddling for the typical audiophile :)

And if he PLC-590 sold well enough, it didn't become a market favorite and the optional PA-5000 tonearm was and still is an ultra-rarity.

I for one would welcome an M-22 - anytime.

This page is a general overview only : each component of the Series 20 will be posted on its own page.

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