Pioneer SX-1250

1 9 7 6 1976
1 9 7 8 1978
1 9 7 9 1979

The SX-1250 probably is the most remembered 1970s epitome we all wish we could have, even if we'd have no use for it...

Made for music and a feast for the eyes as well, oversized in everything but fortunately not as much as its SX-1980 successor, whether SX-1250 or SX-1280, this is the right one.

... there are many many many web pages and forum threads dedicated to the SX-1250 and its revised SX-1280 version - this page is for the pleasure of the eyes only.

Pioneer SX-1250, image 1 Pioneer SX-1250, image 2 Pioneer SX-1250, image 3 Pioneer SX-1250, image 4
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