Pioneer PLC-590

Pioneer XLC-1850

1 9 7 7 march 1977
1 9 7 9 1979

Part of the Series 20, albeit without bearing a similar codename, the PLC-590 isn't an Exclusive P3, an Onkyo PX-100M or even a Sony TTS-8000 but worth every audiophiliac's ears just the same.
Not as elegant as a PL-1800 but close enough, too.

Bar the MU-1800 drive (a plinth-less PL-1800), the PLC-590 is the only Pioneer vinyl spinner sold without a homebrew tonearm. The PA-5000 was however present for those willing to have a fully-Pioneer turntable ; it was and still is unfortunately very rare.

The more common PA-1000 was only sold optionally with the PLC-590 ; although the PA-5000 was a PA-5000 worldwide, in Japan the PL-C590 was released under the XLC-1850 name.

The meter is for speed adjustment control ; it shuts itself off if the Quartz Lock function is on. A 3.072MHz Quartz oscillator signal is down-scaled to 6Khz and then to 300Hz for 45rpm or 222Hz for 33 1/3rpm speed reference. Pitch tweaking is availabvle within 6%.

Electronic braking done by reversing the polarity of the motor ; the fairly big power transformer is mounted "floating". There is no stroboscope : rare for a 1970s direct-drive LP spinner but forshadowing the early 1980s trend... The motor itself is a brushless DC DD with a PLL loop and three Hall elements.

The base is made of 4mm diecast aluminium with 24 ribs placed with computer-analysis to avoid resonances ; resonance-resistant materials are used for the bottom plate while the feet combine rubber and die-cast solid parts to elevate the howling margin by 3dB.

If Pioneer made a lot of noise about the Series 20 in Japan, the indirectly attached PLC-590 and PA-5000 were kept in the shadows and are now all but remembered.
Outside Japan is another story :)

Pioneer PLC-590, image 1 Pioneer PLC-590, image 2 Pioneer PLC-590, image 3
Pioneer PLC-590 specifications
Title Value
Motor : Quartz PLL brushless with 3 Hall elements
Drive : Direct Drive
Speeds : 33 1/3 & 45rpm
Platter : Ø 32cm aluminium Die-Cast
Noise floor : 75dB (DIN B)
Load fluctuation : 0% up to 120g
Wow&flutter : ± 0,035% (DIN)
± 0,025% (WRMS)
Startup time : 1/2 rotation (33rpm)
Platter inertial mass : 350kg / cm2
Dimensions : 49 x 18,5 x 40,6cm
Weight : 14,5kg.
Recommended tonearms : Pioneer Dynamic Absorber PA-5000 or SME Series III
Features : bipolar ICs in the switching section
MOS ICs in the control section
6 ICs ; 26 transistors ; 13 diodes ; 3 Hall elements
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