Pioneer PLC-1700

1 9 7 3 february 1973
1 9 7 5 1975

Ah ! Rare item.
While Sony was selling millions of TTS-3000, TTS-4000, Denon just as much DP-80 and Technics trillions of SP-10MK2, Pioneer never ever was too succesful with its drive/plinth/arm-less turntables, be they MU-7, MU-61, MU-3000, PLC-61, MU-1800, PLC-590 or later EM-10...
Like most of these, the PLC-1700 was Japan-only.

The speed accuracy is here aided by tw Hall elements which Pioneer managed to downsize to 0,3...0,5µ (0,8µ previously) with a special vacuum deposition system.

These elements detect magnetic status and feed the info to a DC Servo loop which controls turntable rotation with a capacitive oscillator and its negative rotor magnet PCB.
Victor in the TT-101 and TT-801 would push this to the limit by adding a second servo between the two PCBs that drive the rotor - but Pioneer was there two years earlier.

Braking is entirely electronic and the shaft is finished to a µ tolerance ; ± 4% individual pitch controls and a stroboscope light can be switched in.

3cm thick plywood finished in rosewood veneer makes the frame, a metal alloy sheet the base which rests on height-adjustable feet.

The simply rectangular PP-307 armbase can be drilled or simply copied to make as many bases as one wants.

Pioneer PLC-1700, image 1 Pioneer PLC-1700, image 2 Pioneer PLC-1700, image 3 Pioneer PLC-1700, image 4
Pioneer PLC-1700 specifications
Title Value
Motor / Drive : 36-slot / 18-pole brushless DC Servo with Hall lements
Turntable : 1,4kg / 36cm ø
Speeds : 33 1/3 & 45rpm (electronic switching)
Pitch control : ± 4% (individual)
Wow & flutter : < 0,04%
S/N ratio : 60dB
Semiconductors : 23x transistors
15 diodes
1x IC
2x Hall elements
Dimensions : 57 x 18,7 x 43,4cm
Weight : 15,6kg.
List price : 80,000¥
Optional : PP-307 blank arboard (1500¥)
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