Pioneer PL-L1

1 9 7 8 december 1978
1 9 8 1 1981

First of the Z1 series... therefore not named with a "Z" :)

An unfortunately xxx-rare turntable and the original model for the well-known PL-L1000 : same Stable Hanging Rotor, same arm structure, same carbon-loaded materials, same black looks... only the PL-L1 weighted 26kg !

Placing the bearing under a very small shaft and almost at platter level, the Stable Hanging Rotor was a Pioneer staple from the Exclusive models to the equally successful PL-50L and PL-70L/LII.

Accounting for the L1's rarity might be, market-wise, the slightly earlier but extremely successful Exclusive P3 - and linear-trackers, however lavishly engineered, never did really cut a groove... in the market.

The L1, however, like all of Pioneer's "1" units (CT-A1, C-Z1, M-Z1, H-Z1, P-D1) is an extreme good-looker and I sure wish I could find out if its sonic qualities were on the level of its design !

You can refer to the PL-L1000 post of this website for the details of the tonearm and SHR as it is the same theory.

A real PL-L1 here.

Pioneer PL-L1, image 1 Pioneer PL-L1, image 2 Pioneer PL-L1, image 3 Pioneer PL-L1, image 4
Pioneer PL-L1 specifications
Title Value
System : QUARTZ PLL Direct-Drive
electronic braking
separate DC motor for arm operation/adjustment
Speeds : 33 1/3 and 45rpm
Wow & flutter : 0,01% (WRMS)
S/N ratio : > 78dB (DIN-B)
> 65dB (JIS)
Platter diameter : 32cm
Inertia : 380kg / cm2
Starting speed : 1/4 of a full turn
RPM drift : < 0,002%
Time drift : 0,00008% / H
Temperature drift : 0,00003% / °
Tonearm length : 21cm effective
Cart./shell weight range : 4...24g
Overhang : 0
Height adjustment : ± 3mm
Dimensions : 53 x 21 x 57,3cm (cover down)
53 x 56,7 x 57,3cm (cover up)
Weight : 26kg.
List price : 200.000¥ (1978)
Recommended cart : PC-1000/II
Accessory : custom 7x7cm, 5mm graduated, bubble level
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