Pioneer PL-7L

1 9 8 4 september 1984
1 9 8 7 1987

Late-in-the-day turntable, made when CD clearly was becoming a winning format and not much Pioneer could do to top the incredible sales of the PL-70 / PL-50 / PL-30 series and their L and LII versions.

The PL-7L is therefore all-black, sports an SHR motor (of the "LII" size, not like the biggabig original) and alumina ceramics DRA to reduce parasitic vibrations off the tonearm, as on a PL-707.

One thing was however added to try and bank on the also incredible success of Yamaha and its GT-2000 and GT-1000 vinyl spinners : enlarge the turntable itself to 36cm : better inertia for sure and... better looks as well.

The electronic tonearm therefore has a longer effective length than usual : 28,2cm ! Same as that of a PL-70LII.

The black looks hide a very heavy item (17,3kg) and a special set of insulators which sandwich a (semi-)floating structure, leaving aside potential dustcover influences, adding (hidden) U-shaped side dampers and an overall low center of gravity.
Two small rubber dots each side (on the front isolation clamps) further damp the dustcover's resonance.

The 7L was later in the early 1990s slightly relooked and put by Pioneer USA into its Elite lineup as PL-90. Pioneer Japan probably had stacks of unsold 7L to get rid of...

Pioneer PL-7L, image 1 Pioneer PL-7L, image 2 Pioneer PL-7L, image 3
Pioneer PL-7L specifications
Title Value
Drive Drive
Motor : Quartz PLL DC-coreless servo with Hall elements
Rotor : Stable Hanging Rotor (type II)
Speeds : 33 1/3 & 45rpm
Turntable : diecast aluminium, 36cm Ø
Inertial mass : 655kg /cm2 (incl. platter mat)
Wow & flutter : 0,008% (WRMS, FG direct reading)
< 0,018% (WRMS / JIS)
S/N ratio : 85dB (DIN B)
Load characteristics : 0% up to 200g pressure
Startup time : one turn (33 1/3rpm)
Startup torque : 1,2kg /cm
Rotation accuracy : 0,002%
Drift : 0,00008% /hour
0,00003% /°C
Speed detection : integral FG
Braking : electronic
Tonearm Tonearm
Effective length : 28,2cm
Overhang : 13,5mm
Tracking error : +1,269°...-1,4°
Tracking force : 0...3g
Cartridge weight : 2,4...12g
VTA : +6...-4mm
General General
Semiconductors : 1x X'Tal
6x ICs
2x Hall elements
6x LEDs
9x transistors
10x diodes
PC : 12W
Dimensions : 59,6 x 21,5 x 43,4cm
Weight : 17,3kg
List price : 99,800¥
Included headshell : JP-519
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