Pioneer PL-50LII

1 9 8 1 september 1981
1 9 8 4

Third version of the PL-50 and classic turntable derived from the successful Exclusive P3.

Modified from the original PL-50 was the Stable Hanging Rotor : it was here in lightweight form (ie. quite reduced in size) but upgraded to coreless/brushless.
Modified as well was the junction between shaft and spindle : instead of being separated by a ball bearing, the two pieces are directly stacked together.

That version of the SHR motor was carried into most later Pioneer turntables. It is however said that this "v2" or lightweight SHR wasn't as everlast as the original ; Pioneer in Japan cannot repair them anymore.

The tonearm of the 50LII has interchangeable wands made of carbon graphite, with a choice of two shapes S-shaped or straight. The included headshells were also made of carbon graphite.

The armbase allows +3 / -4mm VTA adjustement whereas the original PL-50 / PL-50L only allowed +3mm.

The oil damping feature of the PL-50L was carried over unchanged : 5-position damping top.

The 50L and 50LII are otherwise identical : ebony veneer covering a 4-layer laminate cabinet, low-center of gravity feet, zinc diescast armbase, optional counterweight for use of Ortofon SPU heavy heavyweight and nearly identical specifications.

The platter is back-coated with a special damping compound and the tonearm leads and contacts are all oxygen-free copper, of course, and critical parts are machined with micron-level tolerances.

If Pioneer seemingly sold few PL-50 but a sizeable amount of PL-50L, the PL-50LII was extremely successful.
A bit like the Yamaha GT-2000 series : before CD came in, everybody dropped the sci-fi technologies and came back to no-nonsense LP spinners.

You may see a 50LII here.

Pioneer PL-50LII, image 1 Pioneer PL-50LII, image 2 Pioneer PL-50LII, image 3
Pioneer PL-50LII specifications
Title Value
Motor : DD, Core-less, brush-less PLL DC servo
Direct drive
Bearing structure : Stable Hanging Rotor (v1 ; PL-50/L)
Platter : 31cm diecast aluminium
Inertia moment : 330kg / cm2
Load characteristic : 0% up to 200g
Speeds : 33 1/3 & 45rpm
Full speed ahead : 1/3 of a rotation (33 1/3 rpm)
Starting torque : 1,6kg / cm2
Wow & flutter : < 0,013% (PL-50 ; WRMS ; FG direct)
< 0,012% (PL-50L ; WRMS ; FG direct)
< 0,023% (WRMS / JIS)
Rotational accuracy : < 0,002%
Drift : 0,00008% / h
0,00003% / °C
S/N ratio : > 82dB (DIN-B)
> 65dB (JIS)
Braking : electronic
TONEARM (straight) TONEARM (straight)
Type : twin static balance ; carbon graphite wands
variable 5-step oil-damping
Effective length : 25cm
Overhang : 12mm
Tracking error : + 2,7° / - 1,3°
Tracking force : 0...3g (1 turn = 1g)
Cart/headshell weight : 3g...11g (straight)
Included headshell : 6g...32g (S-shaped)
VTA adjustment : carbon graphite
+3 / -4mm
Componentry : GENERAL
1 Quartz
10 ICs
3 Hall
4 LEDs
11 transistors
4 diodes
PC : 15W
Dimensions : 49 x 19 x 40,1cm
Weight : 14,6kg.
List price : 95,000¥ (1981)
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