Pioneer PD-73

Pioneer PD-2000LTD

1 9 8 8 1988
1 9 9 2 1992

Available worldwide under the PD-73 name and in Japan as a PD-2000LTD ; the ELITE tag and the shiny Urushi finish were for the US only.

From the same series as the lavish PD-93, the PD-73 is still high-end but not competing in the heavyweight league.
An added almuninium damping top plate, but only one power trafo ; 18-bit converters (two) and 20-bit/8x digital filter but "only" 11 regulations - etc.

Still present : 4mm aluminium front panel, honeycomb copper-plated chassis, gold-plated motor with ceramic shaft, low gravity center, FET buffered output stages... Plus efforts on LSI integration and simplification of the circuits.
Some plastic and a simplified pickup mechanism assembly - still more serious than current DVD players which all weigh two feathers and a half :)

Pioneer in Japan made a 2kg lighter PD-2000 (PD-71 elsewhere - thank you Konstantin !) version in champagne finish.

2011 : original japanese catalogs for the PD-2000 and PD-2000LTD at last In Paris !

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