Pioneer MU-3000

1 9 7 2 march 1972
1 9 7 4 1974

Very rare LP drive released alongwith the CS-3000 and SM-3000 - a mini-series of three(s).

If Pioneer was very successful with its integrated record players, strangely enough, it wasn't with separate drives...
Not many PLC-590 were sold and even the drive section of the Exclusive P10 or that of the PL-70L, if available separately are of the extra-extra-rare kind.

The magnificent MU-1800 is also a rarity, whether as a drive or in its integrated player version...

The MU-3000 is a bit "vintage" to look at and its specs clearly show its vintage but it was, for the time, very advanced :
Three Hall elements with 0,8µ ultra-thin vacuum-deposited elements (a record then) and 60-slot / 20-pole motor, 1,7kg platter, ±2% pitch control, 60dB signal-to-noise ratio, 0,03% speed accuracy - 10kg in toto.

We're far from the noise floor of the later 1970s and there was no Stable Hanging Rotor yet - the ball bearing is located way down below at the base.

Pioneer MU-3000, image 1 Pioneer MU-3000, image 2 Pioneer MU-3000, image 3
Pioneer MU-3000 specifications
Title Value
Motor : 60-slot / 20-pole brushless DC
Full speed ahead : 1/2 turn (33 1/3rpm)
Pitch control : ± 2%
Wow & flutter : 0,03% (WRMS)
S/N ratio : 60dB
Platter : Ø 31cm / 1,7kg diecast aluminium
Semiconductors : 23 transistors
17 diodes
3 Hall elements
PC : 5W
Dimensions : 33 x 12,1 x 37cm
Weight : 10kg.
List price : 70,000¥ (1972)
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