Pioneer Exclusive M7

1 9 9 2 november 1992
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The Exclusive M7 is a Class A monoblock with an astronomical list price - it cost 2,000,000¥ per pair... one can easily understand why they are nowadays complete unobtainium.

2x 120W in Class A (hot), switching into Class AB for higher output levels (such as 2x 480W into 2 Ohm) with dual bridge rectification, completely separated voltage amp and final output stages, fully symmetrical circuit structure (phase + and phase -), non-resonant, highly machined and mechanically stable composite chassis base, bombastic aluminium front, top and side plates and then some. No wonder the Exclusive M7 came at the top of the early 1990s tests and reviews.

One of Pioneer's better designed units, too, the ultimate, companion of the Exclusive C7.

If vanishing from the japanese catalogs somewhat rapidly, the M7 and its later xxxxx-rare Exclusive M8 stereo version kept being sold here and there very discreetely and the remaining unsold stocks landed in the hands of those "in the know".

These three (C7, M7 and M8) were the separates that ended the EXCLUSIVE adventure which had started in 1973 with the Exclusive C3 and Exclusive M3 - siblings to the famed SPEC-1 and SPEC-2.

Pioneer Exclusive M7, image 1 Pioneer Exclusive M7, image 2 Pioneer Exclusive M7, image 3
Pioneer Exclusive M7 specifications
Title Value
Power : 120W (8 Ohm)
240W (4 Ohm)
480W (2 Ohm)
Input terminals : 1V / 10kOhm (RCA)
1V / 2,2kOhm (XLR, pin3=hot)
Output pass-through : 2V / 200 Ohm (XLR)
(>3V / 600 Ohm ; >5V / 10kOhm)
Speaker terminals : 2...8 Ohm
Frequency response : 5Hz...100Khz (+0 / -1dB)
Damping factor : 100 (8 Ohm)
S/N ratio : 120dB (input shorted)
PC : 440W
Dimensions : 46 x 22 x 44,1cm
Weight : 47kg.
List price: 1,000,000¥ per block
2,000,000¥ per pair
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