Pioneer Exclusive C5

1 9 8 4 february 1984
1 9 9 1 1991

Almost two years after the Exclusive M5, Pioneer launched the C5 which replaced the old 1979 Exclusive C3a.

Unlike the latter, the structure and layout inside is entirely and strictly dual-mono : parts, wiring, signal paths, buffer amps, rectifying stages and power-supplies.

And everything is module-potted, for better thermal stability and shielding (an import from the Z1 series) but everything inside the modules is of the discrete kind.
PCBs are all glass-epoxy with 280µ OFC copper tracks and all the wiring is of the 99,99% purity kind.

The C5 saw the appearance of an included MC transformer with standard 3 or 40 Ohm stages ; the latter uses two 0,25mm parallel-wound OFC wires around a sendust ribbon core.

The dual-gang 2P90CS attenuator was sourced from Tokyo Ko-On Denpa and has fourty silver contact points ; the C5's output amounts to a very low 33 Ohm.
Also a flat 6-core OFC AC cord and a brazilian rosewood enclosure.

However, Pioneer sold more C3, C3a or C7 than C5s : it seems the resulting sound signature wasn't equal to the parts used - and maybe almost two years after the Exclusive M5 was a bit too long a wait to get the combo complete...

Replaced by the Exclusive C7 in 1991.

A real C5 here.

Pioneer Exclusive C5, image 1 Pioneer Exclusive C5, image 2 Pioneer Exclusive C5, image 3
Pioneer Exclusive C5 specifications
Title Value
Inputs : 1x MM (2,5mV / 50kOhm)
1x MC 40 Ohm (0,2mV / 40 Ohm)
1x MC 3 Ohm (0,06mV / 3 Ohm)
2x AUX (150mV / 50kOhm)
2x TAPE (150mV / 50kOhm)
1x CD (150mV / 50kOhm)
1x TUNER (150mV / 50kOhm)
Outputs : 150mV / 2,2kOhm (tape rec 1 & 2)
1V / 33 Ohm (preamp out 1 & 2)
Maximum ouptut : 21V (20Hz...20Khz, 0,01% THD, from phono input)
15V (20Hz...20Khz, 0,01% THD, from phono input)
Maximum phono input : 350mV (MM, 1Khz, 0,01% THD)
28mV (MC 40 Ohm, 1Khz, 0,01% THD)
8,8mV (MC 3 Ohm, 1Khz, 0,01% THD)
Bass control : ± 10dB (100Hz)
Treble control : ± 10dB (10Khz)
Subsonic filter : 18dB /octave below 7Hz
PC : 65W
Dimensions : 46,8 x 20,5 x 43,9cm
Weight : 17,6kg.
List price : 780,000¥
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