Pioneer CT-F1250

1 9 7 8 1978
1 9 8 1 1981

Drool as long as ye may !
But beware of eBay - for these still chirp a fair share of pay !

Part of the components launched in the wake of the RT-707 success outside Japan and remaining available for quite a long time... outside Japan.
Also part of the most remembered components from the peak of the Hi-Fi era : the SX-1250 of recorders if you wish.

Still a big chunk of silver metal launched just before Metal tapes got standardized at last and cassette recorders started to shrink in size and expand in sound quality - albeit perhaps not reliability.

The CT-F1250 is an export-only upped version of the CT-920 (aka CT-F950 outside Japan) with some parts taken from the CT-1000 topper (december 1977), the latter being a CT-F1000 outside Japan.
The mechanism, united r/p/e head stack / heatsink and ferrite erase head are different but the rec/play Uni-X'Tal heads themselves are the same.

As far as big chunks of metal went, Pioneer preferred to keep the CT-1000 and CT-920 available longer in Japan (until 1981 !) and put its newest technology into something that did not look like a big silver piece.
Enter the CT-A1 monster (may 1979) while we still were handed an supper-upped 920 / F950, the 1250, as top of the pops...

So the 1978 CT-F1250 holds what the CT-A1 pushed to the 1979 limit : tape calibration, digital counter, blue Fluorscan meters, some automation, a heck of a lot of switches and knobs to deal with and even a pretty "Quartz Lock" green LED - not a novelty in 1978 but still a useful (marketing) tool !

The CT-F1250 sold very well, the CT-A1 didn't : 1978 was the peak, 1979 wasn't anymore.

Pioneer CT-F1250, image 1 Pioneer CT-F1250, image 2 Pioneer CT-F1250, image 3
Pioneer CT-F1250 specifications
Title Value
Motors : Quartz-PLL direct drive motor for capstan drive
DC high torque motor for fast forward and rewind
Heads : 2x "Uni-Crystal Ferrite"
1x "Small-Window"
Fast winding time : less than 85 seconds (C-60)
Wow & flutter : less than 0,03% (WRMS)
less than 0,12% (DIN)
Frequency response
Standard, LH (-20dB) : 20Hz...18Khz (25Hz...16Khz ; ±3dB)
Ferrichrome (-20dB) : 20Hz...20Khz (25Hz...17Khz ; ±3dB)
Chrome (-20dB) : 20Hz...19Khz (25Hz...17.5Khz ; ±3dB)
Metal (-20dB) : 20 to 20.000Hz (25Hz...18.5Khz ; ±3dB)
0db : 20Hz...14.5Khz
S/N ratio, Dolby off : >59dB
S/N ratio, Dolby on : >69dB (over 5Khz, LH tape)
When using a CrO2 tape, S/N ratio is
further improved by 4,5dB over 5Khz)
THD : <1% (0dB)
Inputs : 2x MIC (ref: 0,3mV, max: 100mV / 30kOhm)
(reference MIC impedance: 250 Ohm to 10kOhm)
2x LINE (ref: 63mV, max: 25V / 50kOhm)
Outputs : 2x LINE (450mV / 640mV / 50kOhm)
Headphones (63mV / 90mV / 8 Ohm)
Semiconductors : 139 transistors,
22 ICs,
98 diodes,
9 Zener diodes,
18 LEDs
Power supplies : multivoltage (EU and JP models only)
PC : 59W
Dimensions : 42 x 18,7 x 36,95mm
Weight : 10,9kg.
1. Reference Tape : DIN 45513 (LH), DIN 45513 (Chrome)
2. Reference rec. level : meter 0dB
(160nwb/m magnetic level = Philips' cassette reference level)
3. Reference signal : 333Hz
4. Wow & Flutter : at 3Khz, WRMS (JIS), at 3150Hz weighted PEAK (DIN 45507)
5. Frequency response : measured at -20dB and at 0dB levels respectively for reference
recording level, Dolby OFF.
Level deviation is ±6dB (where not indicated) (DIN45500)
6. S/N : measures at +4Db level for reference recording level
(250nwb/m magnetic level = ref. level of DIN 45513)
with IEC A curve when weighted (DIN 45500)
7. Sensitivity : input level (mV) for reference level recording measured with
input (recording) level at maximum position
8. Max. allowable input level : (mV) is measured at the point where the output signal wave is
clipped while gradually turning the input level control
9. Reference output level : is fluorescent display 0dB level
10: Maximum output level : output level to reference recording level, measured with an output
(playback) level control set at maximum.
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