Pioneer CT-A7

1 9 8 3 september 1983
1 9 8 5 1985

The semi-big early 1980s Pioneer, above the contemporary CT-90R and under the CT-A9.

The CT-A7 is centered on the new "Reference Master Mechanism", an improved CT-F1250 of sorts : closed-loop dual capstan with a special edge finish of the capstans to avoid slippage and secure firm traction.
The RMM's is made of a steel plate, the support of the three heads is of two pressure-diecast zinc adjusted with extremely low tolerance.

The capstan motor is Quartz-regulated Hall-effect brushless DC.
However, Frank Wagenlehner, owner of a CT-A7, says its motor isn't a BSL but a regular DC-Servo - specifications seem to confirm that...

The Rec & Play heads are of low-loss Sendust Ribbon which limit 3rd harmonic distortion ; the play head has a narrow gap of 0,6µm.
Componentry is of high-quality : metal film resistors, select audio capacitors, Dual-FET inputs, SEPP & DC circuits etc.

What the A7 didn't have was all the nifty 4-bit micro-computer functions such as auto track & blank search, index scan, repeat functions, tape capacity display and BLE and MOL - read the CT-A9 page to know what these were about.

The CT-A7 was available black in Japan (with Pioneer's 1983/84 "digital" logo added) and silver elsewhere.

Updated for the japanese market only as CT-A7D in 1985, still black but with sideburns and minor mechanical improvements added and, mostly, Laser Amorphous heads, as carried into the CT-91 and CT-93.

Pioneer CT-A7, image 1 Pioneer CT-A7, image 2 Pioneer CT-A7, image 3
Pioneer CT-A7 specifications
Title Value
Track type : 4 channel /2 track stereophonic
Recording head : 1x ribbon sendust
Playback head : 1x ribbon sendust
Erasing head : 1x special alloy
Motor with Constant Speed : 1x quartz PLL direct-drive coreless capstan
Reel Driving Motor : 1x coreless DC high-torque
Wow & flutter : < than 0.028% (WRMS)
± 0,085% (DIN)
Frequency response : 20Hz...20Khz (-20db ; 30Hz...19Khz, ±3dB, Type I)
20Hz...20Khz (-20dB ; 25Hz...19Khz, ±3dB, Type II)
20Hz...11k Hz (0dB, Type II)
20Hz...20,5Khz (-20dB ; 25Hz...20Khz, ±3dB Type IV)
20Hz...16kz (0dB, ±3dB Type IV)
S/N ratio : > 57dB (Dolby off)
More than 70dB above 5Khz (Dolby C on)
THD : < 0,8% (0dB)
Inputs : 2x line (63mV / 120 kOhm)
Outputs : 2x line (630mV / 3 kOhm)
1x headphone (0,45mW / 8 Ohm)
PC : 35W
Dimensions : 42 x 13 x 37,4cm
Weight : 7,9kg
List price : 145,000¥
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