Pioneer C-Z1

Pioneer C-Z1a

October   1 9 7 9 october 1979
1 9 8 1 1981
October   1 9 8 4 october 1984

Completely unknown elsewhere, the Z1 series nevertheless sold extremely well in Japan - a staple of the well-heeled audiophile rigs of the times, along the Exclusive P3 turntable.

The Z1s were Pioneer's entry into 1980s super high-end. One will quickly see the resemblance between this and the "Communication" components such as the A-9 : diagrams and lit signal flows.
Only this was more serious, stark and much more expensive : at 460,000¥ apiece, this was for the non-compromising and well-heeled indeed.

At the center of the Z1 series were SLM modules (Super Linear Circuit) and non-NFB circuit design.

SLM was for stable high-frequency response and low TIM ; placed in the voltage amplifying stages with current mirror configuration, one transistor's non-linearity being cancelled by another transistor's non-linearity operated in reversed mode.
Therefore, no NFB is necessary and the time lag it inherently causes in its loop is avoided - read the TECH section for the detailed details.

The original C-Z1 was quickly replaced by the shown herewith C-Z1a upgraded version, although said upgrades were of the minor kind.

Pioneer sold a lot of C-Z1 and M-Z1 in Japan, a lot, and they are still quite sought-after there.
Alas still non-existent elsewhere, except in Italy : Pioneer was very strong there and did export some Z1s and even a pair of S-F1 !

A real C-Z1a (at least the power-supply of one) at the indispensable .

Pioneer C-Z1, image 1 Pioneer C-Z1, image 2 Pioneer C-Z1, image 3
Pioneer C-Z1 specifications
Title Value
Phono : 2.5mV
Load capacitance: 100 / 200 / 400pf
Load resistance: 25 / 50 / 100kOhm
Tuner : 150mV / 50 kOhm
Aux : 150mV / 50 kOhm
Tape : 150mV / 50 kOhm
Outputs :
Rec out : 150mV / 1 kOhm
Pre out : 1V / 1 kOhm (nominal, Volume max)
5V / 1 kOhm (max., Volume max)
PC : 60W
AC outlets : 3x Switched (total 700W)
2x Non-switched (total 200W)
Dimensions : 22 x 18,5 x 45,4cm
Weight : 12kg.
List price : 400,000¥ (1979)
Features :
> Non-magnetic chassis
> Glass-cased electrolytic condensers
> Non-magnetic carbon resistors with non-magnetic brass caps
> Glass-epoxy circuit boards
> Copper foil 280u thick is used for equalising circuit board
> Polystyrene and polypropylene film condensers
> Oxygen-free copper wires are used for signal lines
> Pin plug cables of oxygen-free copper in star quad structure
> Double-insulated heavy AC cord for stable and powerful power supply
> Feather touch function switches
> Signal route indicator with green and red lights.
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