Philips RH832

Philips Radiola RA832

1 9 7 4 1974
1 9 7 6 1976

The Philips RH832 (or Radiola RA832) may look like a gimmicky compact but isn't. At all. Not in the least.

Under the bubbly plastic hood is a 4-channel preamp, a tuner and a Philips turntable. But there are no amplifiers : the 832 is made to feed a pair (or two) of RH532 MFB loudspeakers !

The three roundy windows hide three dual-VU meters indicating rear power (top), front power (center) and tuning scale + signal level (bottom). Balance can be set between left/right and front/rear.

The long front control pad selects sources (MIC, phono 2/4 matrix, tape 2 stereo, tape 1 4-channel discriminator) as well as stereo modes : mono, stereo, D. stereo, 4-channel) and sound "contour" (on/of, I/II).

The tuner has six manual preset dials hidden under a cache (under the FM bubble window) and six soft-touch buttons backlit in green to instantly recall said presets ; manual & non-memorizd tuning is done with the big right-hand dial and large front scale.

The built-in turntable is a GA212 electronic able to play SQ and CD4 records with a frequency response shooting as high as 45Khz, thanks to its GP422 cartridge.

The price for all this however was very steep : 9240FF in march 1975, of which two RH532 counted for a mere 1816FF.
By comparison, a big RH521 cost 1880FF and the bigger RH720 receiver only 3421FF.

Maybe why the RH832 is so difficult to find nowadays...

Philips RH832, image 1 Philips RH832, image 2
Philips RH832 specifications
Title Value
PREAMP section PREAMP section
Output : 1V / 100 Ohm per channel (pre-out)
250mV (8 Ohm headphones)
Frequency response : 15Hz...30Khz (+ 0,5 / -3dB)
THD : < 0,1% (1V output)
IMD : < 1%
S/N ratio : 70dB
Channel separation : 45dB (1Khz, 4-channel)
Bass control : +15...-15dB at 50Hz
Treble control : +12...-15dB at 10Khz
Contour I : +7dB @ 50Hz
+3dB @ 10Khz
Contour II : +14dB @ 50Hz
+6dB @ 10Khz
Inputs : 250mV / 100kOhm (tape stereo, for 1V output)
250mV / 100kOhm (tape 4CH or CD4)
1,5mV / 10kOhm (MIC)
Outputs : 100 Ohm (for 2x 2 pairs MFB)
CD decoder
8...600 Ohm (quad headphones)
Semiconductors : 109x transistors
16x diodes
4x ICs
FM/AM section FM/AM section
Sensitivity : 2µV (FM, 26dB s/n ratio, 40Khz deviation)
90µV (AM, 26dB s/n ratio)
FM THD : < 0,8% (75Khz deviation)
FM pilot attenuation : 35dB (19Khz & 38Khz)
FM channel separation : 45dB (1Khz)
FM frequency response : 20Hz...14Khz (+1 / -3dB)
Type : GC012
Pitch control : ± 3%
Wow & flutter : < 0,1%
S/N ratio : 62dB (DIN B)
Tracking force : 0,75...4g
General General
PC : 32W
Dimensions : 59 x 8,5 x 43,2cm (without lid)
59 x 14,6 x 43,2cm (lid closed)
Weight : ??kg.
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