Philips LHH1000

Philips LHH1001

Philips LHH1002

1 9 8 7 december 1987
1 9 9 3

One of the many versions of a famed, very much sought after and all-time absolute best CD combo - but the one that came from the center of the Marantz galaxy of versions : Philips.

The LHH1000 consists of three items :
LHH1001, the drive,
LHH1002, the d/a unit,
LHH1003, the remote control.

Semi-equivalents can chronologically be found in the Philips CD960 & DAC960, CD-94 & CDA-94, CD-94 Limited / CDA-94 Limited (all before), Marantz CD-12 / CDA-12 (contemporary equivalent) and Marantz CD-95 / CD-95DR, Marantz CD-99SE / CD-99DR (after).

The LHH1001 and LHH1002 are direct siblings of the export-only CD-12 and CDA-12 : shielded toroidal transformers, single TDA-1541A S1, RC-95 / LHH1003 remote control, balanced XLR outputs and same internal structure and componentry, same aluminium top plate etc.
Among others, Micro Seiki used this base for its own CD-M2 and CD-M100 CD players.

Please refer to the Marantz CD-12 page for a complete description but remember that only the 95 and 99SE offer two TDA1541A S1 or S2.

Still highly sought-after in Japan, where the LHH1000 was delivered with a cute old style warranty booklet.
And since the LHH1001 was based on the Philips CDM CDM1 drive, it will make music as long as there will be CDs to play.

A real LHH1000 at hifi-do's and a (fair) Stereophile review hifi-do's.

As a sidenote, the main image shown here comes from a Marantz catalog, dated august 1989 - just to prove the proximity, even on marketing and advertising levels !
Philips had its own catalogs, of course, just to prove the... complexified proximitousness :)

Philips LHH1000, image 1 Philips LHH1000, image 2 Philips LHH1000, image 3
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