Philips CD104

1 9 8 4 1984
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Somewhat second generation Philips, the CD104 was available in black/brown-ish or silver.

... and also available as Mission DAD 7000 (filtering redone), Schneider CD1104 (silver) and Marantz CD-34, the latter becoming very successful in Japan, unlike the 1st gen' CD-73 or CD-63.
I think there also was a french Phonophone version and, of course, strictly speaking, the Revox B225 also is a CD104 : same circuit, same drive, same ICs.

A smallish footprint indeed but a real solid chunk of metal and an everlast one as well. I know my CDP-R1 won't last forever but I do know the CD104 will : there is a Philips CDM CDM1 inside !

I listen everyday to my CD1104 and am always surprised by the sound quality : fairly smooth and dynamic if with an overall grey-ish tint if I may say so. Not very transparent either but a slightly modded CD104 can be brought to much higher levels of sound quality. But it'll naturally remain slashed by a CD-95 or anything approaching that quality...

Two 14bit TDA1540P, one SAA7030 for 4fs and two NE5532 op'amps make the audio circuit ; one-piece diecast aluminium chassis, an enormous back heatsink (diecast as well) and all-metal everything make the hardware.

Detailed info, specs, safety mods and upgrades can be found in many places :
> thevintagecorner

The CD104 still is a very popular item !
If you own one, keep it, keep it, keep it, have it serviced (caps, griplets, drawer's belt), modded (op'amps, output cables) and enjoy CD sound until forever.

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