Panasonic SV-4100

1 9 9 4 1994
2 0 0 0 2000

Famed and successful studio SV series, the SV-4100 is the ultimate version of the "old" SV-3200 and SV-3700.
Unlike the just-as-famed SV-3800, the SV-4100 really is a broadcast engine thanks to its... broadcast functions.

Quickstart, Trim and Rehearsal :
All three based on an 8Mbit memory bank, these functions allow frame-accurate location, quick-start/rec and markers placement. Useful, necessary, mandatory, when hooked and synchronized to a DigiBeta deck, an MTR and an automated mixing console.

Markers can be nudged by plus or minus 1 to 50 frames (one frame being 30ms) and the same 8Mbit memory allows 1,5s of sound scrubbing without actually moving the tape. The same precision allows five memorized locate positions : L1 to L4, plus the last Quickstart point entered.

Sync modes :
Naturally internal or external : three video modes (25fps, 29,97fps and 30fps), Word Sync or Digital Data (syncs on the incoming fs).
The SV-4100 therefore has all four necessary terminals plus GPI and parallel remote so as to nicely but rapidly get positively lost in all of that synchronization :)

To my knowledge, the SVs are the only DAT recorders that ever offered the following lifesaver feature : ABS Time can be added after the recording !

Audio & digital interfaces :
The audio functions and terminals are identical to those of the original SV-3700, plus a pair of IEC II TOSLink i/os : XLR balanced i/os with selectable +4 / -10dBu output level, AES/EBU balanced + standard IEC coaxial 75 Ohm digital i/os.

Like all the others in the series, whether stock or after mods, analogue recording can be done at 44.1Khz.
The audio ICs are partly equivalent to those of the SV-3700 : same 4-stage 1bit 64fs Delta-Sigma a/d (AK5326-VP), upped to 20bit d/a (PCM58P-J ?) and Yamaha YM3404B 4fs digital filter.

However good the a/d may have been, a popular location recording combo was, back then, to team the SV-4100's mechanism and d/a section with Apogee's pinky half-rack microphone preamps and separate a/d converter.

Being pro and a bit more modern than the old 3700, the "hours meter" is displayed/selected by menu and not by mechanical DIP switches ; same for the digital input selection, SCMS status and sync modes.

Being Panasonic, pressing the counter mode, reset and pause buttons simultaneously will display error rate for heads A and B, A+B and other system control check and status.

Being a Panasonic SV, the SV-4100 has the frightfully reliable and almost everlast RAA1001 mechanism, like all other recorders from the series, be they consumer (SV-DA10, SV-E10, SV-D900), pro (SV-3700, SV-3800), broadcast (SV-3900) or from Denon (DTR-2000), Studer (all) or several big Fostex.

As ever, anyhting related to DAT and the Panasonics in particular should be read at Eddie Ciletti's.

Panasonic SV-4100, image 1 Panasonic SV-4100, image 2 Panasonic SV-4100, image 3
Panasonic SV-4100 specifications
Title Value
RAA1001 mechanism RAA1001 mechanism
Heads : amorphous ferrite composite type
Cylinder diameter : 30mm
Cylinder rotation speed : 2000rpm (rec/play
Tape speed : 8,15mm/s for normal track
12,225mm/s for wide track
Search speed : 0...250x
FF/REW speeds : 0...250x
FF/REW time : 35s (120' tape)
AUDIO stages AUDIO stages
System : rotary head DAT
Recording Fs : 48Khz & 44.1Khz (analogue & digital)
32Khz (digital input only)
Playback Fs : 48Khz - 44.1Khz - 32Khz
Quantizing : 16bit linear
Channels : 2
Frequency response : 10Hz...22Khz (48Khz fs, ± 0,5dB)
10Hz...20Khz (44.1Khz fs, ± 0,5dB)
S/N ratio : > 92dB (DIN)
Dynamic range : > 92dB (DIN)
THD : < 0,05% (1Khz ; +4dBu)
< 0,007% (1Khz ; +22dBu)
Wow & flutter : none
Analogue inputs : +4dBu (XLR-3 ; -18dB rec / 10kOhm)
Analogue outputs : +4dBu or -10dBu (XLR-3 ; 75 Ohm)
30mW / 32 Ohm (phones ; 8...600 Ohm imp. match)
Digital inputs : AES/EBU XLR-3 100 Ohm (bal)
IEC II coaxial 75 Ohm (unbal)
Digital outputs : AES/EBU XLR-3 20 Ohm (bal)
IEC II coaxial 75 Ohm (unbal)
Synchronization Synchronization
Parallel remote : 8-pin DIN with 60 functions
GPI remote : play/pause with 6mm stereo jack
Video Sync : BNC type 1V p-p / 75 Ohm
Word sync input : BNC type TTL level / 75 Ohm
Word sync output : BNC type TTL level / 75 Ohm
General General
PC : 35W
Dimensions : 43 x 12,2 x 31,5cm
Weight : 6,4kg.
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