Panasonic SV-3900

1 9 9 4 1994
1 9 9 8 1998

Serial Control version of the famed broadcast SV series, the SV-3900 is an SV-3700 disparaged from its hands-on functions and made to be controlled by the ES-Bus SH-MK390 remote-control or by standard P2 protocol.

Up to thirty-two 3900s can be chained with RS-422 or parallel remote ports and operated by the SH-MK390 with all the normal functions : start/end/skip/erase ID, ABS time, renumber, fade in/out, rec, play, pause, shuttle search etc

The audio functions and terminals are identical to those of the SV-3700, without the TOSLink i/os : XLR balanced i/os with selectable +4 / -10dBu output level, AES/EBU balanced + standard IEC coaxial 75 Ohm digital i/os.
Like all the others in the series, whether stock or after mods, analogue recording can be done at 44.1Khz.

The audio ICs are equivalent to those of the SV-3700 : 4-stage 1bit 64fs Delta-Sigma a/d (AK5326-VP), 18bit d/a (PCM56P-J) and Yamaha YM3404B 4fs digital filter.

Being pro, there's an "hours meter" at the back and a 4-pin DIP selector allowing to set digital input selection, SCMS status and Blank Skip / Search mode.

Being Panasonic, pressing the counter mode, reset and pause buttons simultaneously will display error rate for heads A and B, A+B and other system control check and status.

Being a Panasonic SV, the SV-3900 has the frightfully reliable and almost everlast RAA1001 mechanism, like all other recorders from the series, be they consumer, pro, broadcast or in between.

As ever, anyhting related to DAT and the Panasonics in particular should be read at Eddie Ciletti's.

Panasonic SV-3900, image 1 Panasonic SV-3900, image 2
Panasonic SV-3900 specifications
Title Value
RAA1001 mechanism RAA1001 mechanism
Heads : amorphous ferrite composite type
Cylinder diameter : 30mm
Cylinder rotation speed : 2000rpm (rec/play
Tape speed : 8,15mm/s or 12,225mm/s
Search speed : 0...250x
FF/REW speeds : 0...400x
FF/REW time : 27s (120' tape)
AUDIO stages AUDIO stages
System : rotary head DAT
Recording Fs : 48Khz & 44.1Khz (analogue & digital)
32Khz (digital input only)
Playback Fs : 48Khz - 44.1Khz - 32Khz
Quantizing : 16bit linear
Channels : 2
Frequency response : 10Hz...22Khz (48Khz fs, ± 0,5dB)
10Hz...20Khz (44.1Khz fs, ± 0,5dB)
S/N ratio : > 92dB (DIN)
Dynamic range : > 92dB (DIN)
THD : < 0,05% (1Khz ; +4dBu)
< 0,007% (1Khz ; +22dBu)
Wow & flutter : none
Analogue inputs : +4dBu (XLR-3 ; -18dB rec / 10kOhm)
Analogue outputs : +4dBu or -10dBu (XLR-3 ; 75 Ohm)
30mW / 32 Ohm (phones ; 8...600 Ohm imp. match)
Digital inputs : AES/EBU XLR-3 100 Ohm (bal)
IEC II coaxial 75 Ohm (unbal)
Digital outputs : AES/EBU XLR-3 20 Ohm (bal)
IEC II coaxial 75 Ohm (unbal)
General General
PC : 35W
Dimensions : 43 x 12,2 x 31,5cm
Weight : 6,14kg.
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