Onkyo P-308

1 9 8 6 june 1986
1 9 9 1 1991

Later, more affordable siblings to the Grand Integra M-510, but bearing the same basic audio engineering design - with a build quality a few of kilos down...

The Integra P-308 sports a Subsonic Feedback Loop between its inputs and outputs to cancel spurious DC, ELF (no Jenna Elfman here, alas, only Extremely Low Frequency) signal components along DC drift and intermodulation distortion - without using coupling caps.

Cardans are set inside to keep short signal paths, and regulated, separate, trafo windings feed each block independently : phono EQ, linear gain, headphone.
Eight inputs are available, with two dedicated to Phono MM cartridges or Phono MC cartridges, each with two-position trims. A contra-bass switch is added for those in need of more (light) guts down below - but only at 200Hz.

The export models had the Line 2 inputs located front, below the attenuator - strange move. The Tape 1 button was however (worldwide) labeled D.A.T. - Onkyo was one year ahead.
Albeit adorned with many a dispensable function, build-quality of the P-308 is tremendously clean.

As in the Grand Integra M-510, Signal In-Phase Filters and Charging Noise Filters iron out differences in current and load between the P-308 and the amplifier - the Integra M-508.

Also gold-plated terminals and a Grand Integra badge. Said badge in the original japanese versions was however placed elsewhere and only said... Integra :)

The P-308 at Onkyo.

Onkyo P-308, image 1 Onkyo P-308, image 2 Onkyo P-308, image 3
Onkyo P-308 specifications
Title Value
Inputs : 1x Phono MC (160µV / 100 or 220 Ohm)
1x Phono MM (2,5mV / 47 or 100kOhm)
1x CD (150mV 20kOhm)
2x Line (150mV 20kOhm)
3x Tape play (150mV 20kOhm)
Rec Outputs : 3x tape rec (150mV / 1,2kOhm)
Pre Output 1 : fixed, 1V / 160 Ohm (16V max)
Pre Output 2 : variable
Max. phono input : 210mV (RMS, 1Khz, 0,05% THD)
13mV (RMS, 1Khz, 0,05% THD)
RIAA deviation : ± 0,2dB (20Hz...20Khz)
THD : 0,0008% (MM, 3V output)
0,003% (MC, 3V output)
0,0005% (line, 3V output)
IMD : 0,003%
S/N ratio : 81dB (MC)
92dB (MM)
101dB (line)
High cut : above 7Khz, 12dB/octave
Bass control : ± 10dB at 20Hz (turn. 450Hz)
Contrabass boost : 200Hz
Treble control : ± 8dB at 20Khz (turn. ?Hz)
PC : 22W
Dimensions : 46,5 x 10,3 x 40,3cm
Weight : 8,5kg.
List price : 126,000¥
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