Onkyo M-509

Onkyo M-5090

Onkyo M-200

October   1 9 8 0 october 1980
1 9 8 3 1983

Very successful combo with a bit more detailed attention to looks than its previous siblings (P-306 / M-306 etc) and some circuit nifties to do between preamp and amp what others were doing between amp and loudspeakers.

The M-509 naturally is the W Servo receiver for "eliminating DC and subsonic problems and differences in ground potential ; W Super Servo is equivalent to 100-times larger power-supply."

DC structure with a custom sliding bias system which avoided the constant switchings of Class B and the continuously sliding bias (in Class A) of most of the contemporary systems.
The check point of safe operation is at the pre-driver, detecting temp differences between each output transistor, bias stability and stable feedback loop - that's Servo Technology.

Four 30,000µF / 90V caps, sextuple (!) push-pull of Sanken 2SC2773 / 2SA1169 output transistors, sealed relays and, again, non-magnetic metals. 31kg in toto !

At 600,000¥, the P-309 / M-509 combo was clearly on the high-end side of (somewhat) affordable audiophilia ; it nevertheless sold very well, in Japan.
The next step was the Grand Integra M-510 monster which was however not graced with a dedicated preamp and didn't use the W Servo technology ; the ultimate step was the 1992 M-588.

Thank you Roman Schütz for having reminded me of two points :

1. The M-509 was an M-5090 in germany.

2. The M-5090 were also later on in Germany released under the M-200 name with different scripting and Integra badge added.
This was probably a way for Onkyo to get rid of its japanese stocks as the xx9 combo, in 1985/86, already was old salad, especially the P-309.

Nudies of an M-509 at the indispensable amp8.com : here and here.

Onkyo M-509, image 1 Onkyo M-509, image 2 Onkyo M-509, image 3
Onkyo M-509 specifications
Title Value
Output : 2x 200W (8 Ohm, 20Hz...20Khz)
2x 280W (4 Ohm, 20Hz...20Khz)
THD : 0,003% (20Hz...20Khz)
Power bandwidth : 5Hz...100Khz (IHF -3dB ; 0,2% THD)
Gain : 28,5dB
Frequency response : 1Hz...100Khz (+0 / -1,5dB)
S/N ratio : 120dB (IHF-A)
Damping factor : 200 (8 Ohm, 1Khz)
Input : 1V / 47kOhm (nominal)
Meters scale : x1 or x0,1
Meters range : -40dB...4dB
Meters accuracy : ± 1dB at 0dB
± 2dB at -10dB
± 3dB at -20dB
Meters rise time : 100µs
Meters decay time : 1s
Semiconductors : 4x FET
82x transistors
7x ICs
86x diodes
PC : 320W (japanese models)
Dimensions : 48 x 19,1 x 43,9cm
Weight : 31kg.
List price : 350,000¥
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