NEC A-11

1 9 8 3 1983
1 9 8 5 1985

After a first series of mid-end separates ("Authentic") in the late 1970s, NEC went all out with the new decade and for the upcoming new format : the original A-10 amp was engineered to cope with said new format's dynamic range - its many subsequent versions were biased toward that : POWER !

The A-11 sure was built like few mid-end amplifiers were in those early digital days : all steel, all metal, three mutha toroidal trafos and a special audio engineering slant which was kept until the last version of the series in the early 1990s : A-10 Type V.

The two main transformers are dedicated to the left and right channels with separate windings for their respective section ; the third transformer (the one that embodies the "Reserve" tag) comes in whenever more current is necessary.
While in a regular power supply, tension coming out of a transformer is rectified then filtered, in the Reserve II scheme, a second double-winding transformer kicks in after the rectifying and before the filtering, to smooth out the two rectifying phases.

Power filtering is done by 8x 8200µF / 50V caps ; preamp filtering is done by 6x 2200µF / 56V caps. HifT power transistors, pure complementary DC circuits, low-noise componentry.

Like a few other amps at that time, the A-11 can be separated in two, used as an amp or as an integrated amp/preamp. If separated, only one input is accessible and the two volume pots act as volume & balance.

Although NEC constantly upgraded its A-10 sibling, the A-11 remained as it was produced in '83/84 and is very rare.

All japanese catalogs finally in my hands for the entire series - stay tuned !

NEC A-11, image 1 NEC A-11, image 2 NEC A-11, image 3
NEC A-11 specifications
Title Value
MM section MM section
Input : 2,7mV / 48kOhm
Max. input : 52mV (50Hz, 2,7mV input)
370mV (1Khz, 2,7mV input)
2115mV (15Khz, 2,7mV input)
S/N ratio : 79dB
83dB (weighted)
Channel balance : 0,1dB
THD : 0,03% (50Hz, 1V output)
0,015% (1Khz, 1V output)
0,020% (15Khz, 1V output)
Subsonic filter : 15Hz, 6dB/octave
LINE section LINE section
Input : 200mV
THD : 0,002% (40Hz, 1V output)
0,002% (1Khz, 1V output)
0,002% (20Khz, 1V output)
MAIN section MAIN section
Power : 2x 105W (1Khz, 8 Ohm)
THD at 90W : 0,005% (40Hz)
0,005% (1Khz)
0,010% (20Khz)
THD at 45W : 0,005% (40Hz)
0,003% (1Khz)
0,007% (20Khz)
THD at 1W : 0,008% (40Hz)
0,008% (1Khz)
0,012% (20Khz)
S/N ratio : 110dB at rated power
Rise time : 2,5µs (10Khz)
4,5µs (CD Direct, 10Khz)
General General
PC : ?
Dimensions : 43 x 15 x 43cm
Weight : 24kg.
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