Image property and ©
As for image status, I will enforce the rules much more drastically than I have in the past.
The rules are :

> All images displayed on, the original brochures, catalogs, sell-sheets, magazines, corporate sources and the related digital scans, are the private property of the owner of the website.

> No parts of this website are to be reproduced in any way, shape or form without express and written consent from the aforementioned owner.

> All images presented on are to remain strictly within the html pages and nowhere else.

> If you wish to link to an image from elsewhere, link to the html page which holds said image.

> Don't take an image from and post it elsewhere as if you just found it "somewhere", whether you hide your amnesia or not with a fat logo stamped on the image(s).

The above rules apply equally to regular users and Knobbers.