Micro Seiki SX-8000 II

1 9 8 4 august 1984

Updated SX-8000 and ultimate Micro LP vinyl reproduction engine.

Like the SZ-1, however, the SX-8000 II appeared when CD came up so sales didn't exactly skyrocket. At 1,668,000¥ (with a MAX-282), it was difficult to imagine they would anyway.

This 134,5kg monster is mainly made of the updated SX-8000 II, the updated RY-5500 II motor and of the optional but recommended BA-600 base.

The 8000 II is a re-engineeed 8000 : better air circulation isolating the moving parts with a 3µ film of air, resizing of the glass plates enclosed, larger air chambers and a main air income coming from under the shaft rather than from under one of the main side air chambers, redesigning of the shaft itself, platter parts and dimensions etc.
As in the contemporary SZ-1 (or Luxman PD555 or etc) - the basic system is the same for all Micro but here pushed to the limit.

The 5500 II is an updated RY-5500 with a major change of motor : from DC/FG (the Panasonic DAX-10A1PM / DAX-10A1CL often used by Micro, Luxman and... Kyocera - no wonder) to 8-pole hysteresis with dual-voltage drive, as in the then 10-year old MB-800S... only much bigger with a BTL amp and a redesign of the enclosure's top.

The BA-600 base was designed specifically for the 8000 II and serves isolation-by-mass and by-air purposes : mass because of its overall 50kg weight and air because the air-insulation can also be hooked to it (this time as repulsive) to set the entire monster on a stable air cushion.

For those not having the demanded 200,000¥, the BA-600 could be replaced by the more common RP-1110 - but a manual bike air pump was supplied for all :)

Micro has since retreated to other activities but still accepts on-demand orders for SX-8000 II. Only two a year can be made.

Many nudies at the indispensable amp8.com and several real SX-8000 II here, here, here and here, and a lonely BA-600 here.

Micro Seiki SX-8000 II, image 1 Micro Seiki SX-8000 II, image 2 Micro Seiki SX-8000 II, image 3
Micro Seiki SX-8000 II specifications
Title Value
SX-8000 II SX-8000 II turntable
Type : Air-isolated & air-chambered platter
Platter : 28kg stainless steel
Inertia moment : 3,5 t/cm2
Frame : 35kg diecast zinc
Total weight : 63kg.
Dimensions : 31,2 x 31,2 x 15,6cm
List-price : 1,050,000¥
RY-5500 II RY-5500 II motor
Motor : 8-pole hysteresis synchronous
Power supply : constant-voltage
System : CR oscillator with BTL amp drive
Motor voltage : 15V (startup)
Speeds : 33 1/3rpm (electronic switching)
45 rpm (electronic switching)
78rpm (pulley manual change)
Pitch control : ± 4%
PC : 27W (startup)
Dimensions : 18 x 31,2 x 13,6cm
Weight : 14kg.
List-price : 198,000¥
AX-10G AX-10G tonearm base
Type : two-way arm-length
Material : diecast zinc
Fixing : 4 screws
Weight : 5kg.
List-price : 70,000¥
BA-600 BA-600 base
Type : floating air insulator
Resonance frequency : 4,5Hz
Acceptable load : 30kg...130kg
Dimensions : 60 x 30cm (usable)
60 x 40 x 8,2cm (total)
Weight : 50kg.
List-price : 200,000¥
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