Micro Seiki MAX-282

October   1 9 7 9 october 1979
1 9 8 8 1988

Superlative transcription length vinyl LP tonearm developped at the time of the SX-8000 series with a patented pivot system.

The MAX-282 is based on a three-point gyroscopic mount for vanishingly low horizontal and vertical friction.
Once properly balanced, the tracking force is applied around the pivot not by a counterweight but by a precision torsion bar.

This system keeps the MAX-282 in balance even if the turntable isn't perfectly level and also enables better tracking of warped or eccentric records with no fluctuation of the stylus force.

The arm base is machined from solid brass and made to be mounted on the turntable on a stabilizer, also machinned from solid brass.
Height adjustment is provided by a double-collect chuckle system - so solid a system that the entire turntable could be lifted by the MAX-282 !

Fluid damping can be applied at the pivot with the aid of two different oils of different viscosities.

Three interchangeable tapered tonearm tubes are available :
XP-282SM : straight, low mass, high-strength aluminium, integral, milled headshell
XP-282SC : medium mass titanium with integral, milled headshell
XP-282AU : medium mass titanium with detachable EIA standard headshell.

Internal wiring is made with OFC copper coaxial cables ; external wiring is teflon-shielded, OFC copper cable with hard gold-plated terminals within a solid steel casing.

When this catalog was printed, Micro Seiki was distributed in the USA by Scientific Audio Electronics or SAE as commonly referred to :)

A MAX-282 at hifi-do and an XP-282SC also at hifi-do.

Micro Seiki MAX-282, image 1 Micro Seiki MAX-282, image 2 Micro Seiki MAX-282, image 3
Micro Seiki MAX-282 specifications
Title Value
Effective length : 28,2cm
Overhang : 12mm
Offset angle : 17°30"
Tracking error : < 1,5°
Acceptable cartridge weight : 4...12g (XP 282SC)
4...12g (XP 282SM)
12...33g (XP 282AU)
Total weight : 2,5kg
Height above armbase : 43...65mm
Overall length : 38cm
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