Micro Seiki DDX-1000

Micro Seiki DDX-1000/G

1 9 7 6 1976
1 9 8 0 1980

1970s design cutie - and droooooool object still today !

The DDX-1000 is the original design, with two sculpted strobe markings around the 2kg / 31cm diecast aluminium platter. The resulting moment of inertia is at 330kg / cm2 and the top mat in fact covers a thick cork sub-mat set inside the platter itself.

The DDX-1000, in real late 70s modernism is a direct-drive. The motor is a DC-Servo with FG frequency generator reference set through the strobe neon lamp which "checks" how many stripe it sees and rectifies if necessary ; the resulting speed accuracy is of 0,03%.

The starting torque is of 1,2kg / cm and load characteristics allow the DDX-1000 to remain below 0,04% deviation up to a 3g load set at the outer limit of the platter - specs-wise, we're here under the contemporary Sony TTS-8000 for instance...

The heigh-adjustable feet are typical Micro Seiki (or Luxman, of course :) and contain a mix of inert damping (neoprene stuffing) and mechanical damping (spring).
The is no Quartz Lock on the DDX-1000 ; the MD-1000 power-supply box holds the power on/off, start 33rpm, start 45rpm and stop buttons plus two ± 6% speed controls.

The AX-1G to AX-6G tonearm bases fit everything from the ubiquitous SMEs to the Technics EPA-100 or PUA-1600L.

Of course, the motor of the DDX was used as basis for the Marantz Tt 1000 (1979), and that of the DQX-1500 (an updated DQX-1000) for the Tt 1000 mkII (1992). And, as often, Micro's direct-drive motors came from... Victor.

DDX-1000/G :
April 1976 limited edition (really limited : 30 units) custom made in... bronze. Howerever, it is black-looking for the most part, with the bronze only kept visible for the top of the three feet ; the platter was kept in AL and the command box was anodized in all-black style ; even the AX-1/G was in-bronze-but-painted-black...
Names of the people they were made for (and offered to - these were gifts !) were silkscreened on the (bronze...) motor's cache (...but painted black) - a rarity to say the least.

The DDX-1000 naturally spawned a myriad of lookalikes and still does today - perhaps better than the original, perhaps not.
Or not that much :)

The b/w images come from a swedish catalog dedicated to the DDX-1000 and MA-505 tonearm printed by Septon Electronic AB - courtesy of Göran Karlsson ; color ones from japanese catalogs of my own.

Micro Seiki DDX-1000, image 1 Micro Seiki DDX-1000, image 2 Micro Seiki DDX-1000, image 3
Micro Seiki DDX-1000 specifications
Title Value
DDX 1000
Wow & flutter : 0,03% (WRMS)
S/N ratio : 62dB
Pitch control : ± 6%
PC : 5W
Dimensions : 44,4 x 12,5cm
Weight : 10kg.
List price : 138,000¥
Optional armbases
AX-1 18,5...23,5cm (8000¥)
AX-1G gunmetal (12,000¥)
AX-2 SME 3009 (8000¥)
AX-3 18,5...30,9cm (8000¥)
AX-4 SME 3012 (8000¥)
AX-4G gunmetal (12,000¥)
AX-5 AT-1503II or FR-64 (8000¥)
AX-5G gunmetal (12,000¥)
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