Micro Seiki DDL-150

1 9 7 7 1977
1 9 7 9 1979

Despite the higher model number, the DDL-150 is 40,000¥ cheaper version of the DD-100 :

> same power-supply but without 78rpm speed,
> 6kg lighter base with 2x MDF / 1x lead plate,
> no integrated MA-505 with load switches,
> no C-150 reinforced dustcover,
> ceramic shaft base instead of teflon.

The motor and zinc alloy platter are however the same and the same optional side armbases could be used to use a second tonearm.

The later DDL-150Z is a limited edition version with a lighter & smaller platter (35cm / 4,5kg) made of diecast aluminium instead of zinc alloy.

The C-150 dustcover is an 8mm thick acryl item weighing 3,5kg (!) measuring 59,8 x 9,8 x 46cm with a reinforced back.

A real DDL-150 here.

Micro Seiki DDL-150, image 1 Micro Seiki DDL-150, image 2 Micro Seiki DDL-150, image 3 Micro Seiki DDL-150, image 4 Micro Seiki DDL-150, image 5
Micro Seiki DDL-150 specifications
Title Value
System : Direct-Drive
Motor : PLL Quartz-Locked DC Servo
Speeds : 33 1/3rpm
Pitch control : ± 6% (PLL off)
Wow & flutter : < 0,02% (WRMS)
Speed deviation : 0,002% (50ppm)
Load characteristics : 0% up to 150g (outer diameter)
S/N ratio : > 63dB (JIS)
Platter : zinc alloy, 5,2kg / 40cm Ø (DDL-150)
diecat aluminium, 4,5kg / 35cm Ø (DDL-150Z)
Inertial mass : 1500kg /cm2 (DDL-150)
1000kg /cm2 (DDL-150Z)
General General
PC : 14,5W (MD-100)
Dimensions : 60 x 14 x 47,2cm (DDL-150)
12 x 9,2 x 47cm (power-supply)
Weight : 21,6kg (DDL-150)
5kg. (power-supply)
List price : 210,000¥ (DDL-150 & 150Z)
Optional : C-150 dustover (25,000¥)
MA-505L tonearm (45,000¥)
Side armbases (12,000¥) Side armbases (12,000¥)
A-3S Audiocraft AC-400C
Denon DA-302
Denon DA-304
Grace G-565F
Grace 860F
Grace G-960
Audio Technica AT-1501II
Sony PUA-1600L
A-3L Stax UA-70
Ortofon RMG-309
A-4S Micro MA-505L
A-5S Victor UA-7082
A-6L SME 3012
Main armbases (10,000¥) Main armbases (10,000¥)
A-154 Micro MA-505L
A-153 Denon DA-302
Denon DA-304
Audio Technica AT-1501II
Audiocraft AC-400(C)
Grace G-565F
Grace G-860F
Grace G960
Sony PUA-1500L
A-157 Sony PUA-1600L
A-154 SAEC WE-308L
A-155 Victor UA-7082
A-156 Stax UA-70
Ortofon RMG-309
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