Meridian MCD

Meridian MCD-PRO

1 9 8 4 1984
1 9 8 6 1986

Extra-rare version of the Philips CD101 (or CD100 - same difference) by the then-begining-to-be-famed Meridian, tagged "Type CD101B" on its underside :)

However, bar the CDM CDM1 and the looks, there is little in common with the original electronics.
Mainly : the entire Philips audio board was junked, replaced by the same system (14bit with OS for 16bit end-resolution) but with better assembly and shielding, faster tracking servos and upped power-supply.

The MCD is the one-box version (audio board changed inside), the MCD-PRO the two-box item shown here and remembered by everybody (everything changed inside).

You can read the minutiously full description (MCD-PRO) here ; another page of the same source has the reviewer and designer Bob Stuart arguing about the nature of a capacitor !

At 380,000¥, Meridian didn't sell that many MCD-PROs but set with it on a very successful path in pricey audiophilia, far from the magnificent but commercially failed Lecson attempt.

A real MCD here.

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