Marantz Tt 1000

Marantz Tt 1000L

October   1 9 7 9 october 1979
1 9 9 0 1990

The original Tt 1000 was first presented in october 1979 at the Japan Audio Fair, alongwith the Tt 1800 original design planned for release.

It wasn't the original design as Marantz planned and built a year before, summer 1978, a pre-production item named Tt 700 which cost the really crazy sum of 700,000¥ ; this used the external power-supply of a Micro DQX-500.

It was a beefed-up Tt 1000 with much thicker glass platter, heavier and visibly balanced sub (aluminium) platter, redesigned diecast aluminium power-supply and addition of a proper second tonearm slot at the back. The fitted tonearms were, you guessed it, two Micro Seiki CF-1s but there was no ESOTEC tag yet.

The Tt 700 wasn't produced (yet I have images of it at hand :) but it was marketing-wise split in two : a lower-end model (the direct-drive Tt 1000) and a higher but really different model, the silk-thread driven Tt 1800.
Thanks to my relentless search for Invisibilia, you can now see the latter pre-production sample : Knobber images #10 to 12.

Those with a sharp eye will recognize many similarities between the Tt 1800 (and therefore the Tt 1000) and the Micro-Seiki RY and RX-5000 : the motor of the silk-thread driven Tt 1800 is a relooked RX-5000 motor !

However, the production of these ultra turntables wasn't pursued as Marantz deemed the chances of selling any very slim.
Quite possible in Japan as Micro was oh so close and known to build a lot for other brands - but I'm sure the export market woud've reacted very differently.

The Tt 1000 was produced as shown, first displayed with a rebadged CF-1 Micro Seiki tonearm, then armless or with an SME Series III.
Following on the Tt 700's origins, the Tt 1000 was built on the mechanical base of the successful Micro Seiki DQX-1000 : same motor, same parts. Which is why there isn't much to say regarding the technique for this is Micro : nothing revolutionary, just prefection in engineering.

The feet were also sourced from Micro : they were available as an accessory under the Micro MSB-100 reference.

The 2-part arm bases are 100% interchangeable with Micro Seiki's, too, but with a twist : the inner part of those bearing the Micro tag are made of bronze while those sold for/under/to Marantz -for cost reasons- were made of aluminium.

The external power-supply is a bit different : unlike that of the later Music Link Tt 1000 which would be a straight OEM of the Micro PS-M1 (as made for the AP-M1), the Tt 1000's bears a TEI T-tag.
It was sourced from the Micro DQX-500 (or DDL-60), TEI probably being the assembly shop contracted for the Tt 1000.

But why would a big brand like Marantz, and Marantz Japan at that, with a fair amount of factories around, need to go search for a measly power-supply elsewhere ? Because, bar the glassy looks, the Tt 1800, Esotec Tt 1000 and Music Link Tt 1000 simply were not engineered by Marantz but mechanically full-tilt Micro Seiki.

The 700g glass platter was a true engineering mistake... which Micro also carried into some of its own lineups around the same time BUT engineered so differently, it didn't give the glassy sonic signature the Tt 1000 has.

Despite all this, and poor sales, the 1979 Tt 1000 still has quite an aura and remains as one of the better remembered high-end turntables. Just keep the glass platter in a closet and put an Audio Technica AT600 ceramic mat on it instead :)

Source for all this detailed info shall remain anonymous but is very, very close from both The source and from Mr Fukagawa who directed Micro's export operations in Japan between 1980 and 1990.

A real 1000L here.

Marantz Tt 1000, image 1 Marantz Tt 1000, image 2 Marantz Tt 1000, image 3
Marantz Tt 1000 specifications
Title Value
Features : Direct Drive
Quartz Locked PLL
electromagnetic braking
Rumble : 73dB (DIN, B-weighted)
Noise-floor : 60dB
Wow & flutter : 0,028% (weighted)
PC : 9W
Dimensions : 51 x 13,5 x 43cm
Inertia moment : 718kg/cm2 (@ platter + glass mat)
Full speed ahead : less than 1/2 turn (33 1/3 rpm)
Base : 25,3kg
Platter : 2,7kg
Glass mat : 0,7kg
TS1000 power supply : 1,5kg
List price : 360,000¥ (Tt 1000L, 1981)
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