Marantz Sm-6

October   1 9 7 9 october 1979
1 9 8 3 1983

The little ESOTEC. But little is here meant by the standards of the very late 70s...
The front flap hides the Power-On button as well as the Class A / AB and speaker switches.

Supposedly the stereo version of the Ma-5 monoblock but the techniques used are fairly different. And there's "only" one transformer, "only" the same amount of smoothing caps and a heat-pipe system instead of the forged heatsinks of the Ma-5.
Still - "only" is here meant by the standards of the very late 70s !

Sorting by numbers, one may think that the Sm-6 would be closer to the Sm-7 - well, no : the Sm-8 is much closer to the 6 than the 7 is from either. The 7 being a rebadge of an older unit, this makes sense.

In fact the 8 is an upgraded 6, with two small smoothing caps added, a market-related optional black face, a blue meter window and the Quarter A topology.

Seen the other way around, the 6 is a smaller 8. But then, the 8 doesn't have two sets of inputs (Normal / DC), nor input level pots, nor pure Class A all the way like the 6 has...

So who's the little one ?

A real Sm-6 here.

Marantz Sm-6, image 1 Marantz Sm-6, image 2 Marantz Sm-6, image 3
Marantz Sm-6 specifications
Title Value
Class A/B power : 2x 120W (20Hz...20Khz, 8 Ohm, 0,015%THD)
2x 140W (20Hz...20Khz, 4 Ohm, 0,03%THD)
Class A power : 2x 30W (20Hz...20Khz, 8 Ohm, 0,01%THD)
Power bandwidth : 7Hz...50Khz
Frequency response : 5Hz...100Khz (+0dB / -2dB)
20Hz...20Khz (+0dB / -0,2dB)
TIM : 0,015% (8 Ohm)
Damping factor : 100 (1Khz, 8 Ohm)
S/N ratio : 118dB (IHF-A)
PC : 320W
Dimensions : 41,6 x 14,6 x 33,24cm
Weight : 14,5kg
Features : Normal or DC input pairs
gold-plated inputs
gain pots
Class A/AB selector switch
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