Marantz SL-1

1 9 9 3 march 1993
1 9 9 5 1995

This was post- Music Link series and a strictly Marantz JP development.

The SL-1 is based on two resistance arrays very probably built by Tokyo Ko-On Denpa, a specialist who provided items to Pioneer for its Exclusive series and the A-09, Micro for its CL-M2DC and Luxman as well for the C-10 / C-10II and lower variants.

The contacts here have been silver-plated ; other contacts such as that of the input selector are gold-plated and all wiring is done with OFC copper. The case is like that of an SC-22 : 8mm front, 3mm top, diecast aluminium chassis and "special coating" of the side panels for vibration damping. Four inputs available plus a fifth named "off" but linked to the "direct" terminals ; three outputs available : 1, 2 and "direct", the latter turning the SL-1 a transparent pass-through (when used with the "direct" input).

Available in champagne color later on but neither sold in significant numbers (to say the least).

A real SL-1B here ; a real SL-1N here.

Marantz SL-1, image 1 Marantz SL-1, image 2 Marantz SL-1, image 3
Marantz SL-1 specifications
Title Value
Type : dual-mono passive attenuator
Attenuation : 33...90dB
Input impedance : 10kOhm
Dimensions : 25 x 8,4 x 21,5cm
Weight : 4kg.
List price : 200,000¥
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