Marantz PM-99SE

Marantz PM-90SE

1 9 9 2 september 1992
1 9 9 6 1996

Part of the Philips/Marantz high-time (sound-wise and sales-wise), the PM-90 is the top echelon of a constantly upgraded and plethoric lineup which included the PM-80, PM-80a, PM-80aF, PM-88SE, PM-88aSE, PM-95 and PM-90 - plus a few more export-only variants !

The PM-99SE, introduced after the PM-88SE, is the Special Edition of the PM-90 and rests on a copper-plated zinc diecast base and is powered by one bigga toroidal trafo producing clean but hot Class A music (the unused portion of which heats up a 3mm aluminium top plate) or more efficient but very ample Class AB power.
The sideburns are diecast aluminium, as in the CD-95 or PM-95, for a 26,5kg total of educated high-fidelity.

The volume is "active" by balancing the actual input and output levels to lower residual noise at all levels - see the schematic below ; the difference with the PM-90 is the presence of ten HDAM modules, two of which deal with the "active" volume.

The cascode power stage ends on two parallel p-p of MOS-FETs ; three CCNE "noise killer" are inserted in each secondaries (bur for the drivers' stage) and, very Luxman, a Line Phase sensor on the back.
The addition of 70µ copper PCBs, very select parts, solid-aluminium knobs, the use of HDAMs and the Panasonic (not ALPS and apparently ageing rapidly) four-gang attenuator make the difference with the PM-90.

Available in black outside Japan under the PM-90SE name (and without the stamped Marantz logo ; see one here) ; in Japan also with super-shiny woody sideburns.

Outside of pricey high-end (whether from Sony, Victor or Luxman, or the PM-15), this is my dream amplifier.

A real PM-99SE here and in shiny-woody sideburns style here.

Marantz PM-99SE, image 1 Marantz PM-99SE, image 2 Marantz PM-99SE, image 3 Marantz PM-99SE, image 4 Marantz PM-99SE, image 5
Marantz PM-99SE specifications
Title Value
Class A power output : 2x 60W (4 Ohm)
2x 40W (6 Ohm)
2x 30W (8 Ohm)
Class AB power output : 2x 200W (4 Ohm)
2x 160W (6 Ohm)
2x 130W (8 Ohm)
THD : 0,005%
Frequency response : 10Hz...100Khz (+0 / -1dB)
SN ratio : 111dB (lines)
70dB (MC)
89dB (MM)
Damping factor : 200 (8 Ohm, 20Hz...10Khz)
RIAA accuracy : ±0,2dB (20Hz...10Khz)
Inputs : 1x CD balanced (150mV / 20kOhm)
1x CD (150mV / 20kOhm)
2x aux (150mV / 20kOhm)
1x tuner (150mV / 20kOhm)
1x phono
(180µV / 100 Ohm ; MC position)
(2,5mV / 47kOhm ; MM position)
3x tape
Outputs : 3x tape
1x speakers
Phono maximum input : 12mV (MC)
140mV (MM)
Tone controls range : ± 6dB
PC : 350W
Dimensions : 45,4 x 17 x 46cm
Weight : 26kg.
List price : 330,000¥
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