Marantz PM-94

1 9 8 5 july 1985
1 9 8 9
1989 +

Powerful integrated amplifier available in two versions, both of which sold much better outside Japan, and much later, despite receiving a Stereo Sound "Component of the Year" distinction in '86, alongwith in the same league the Luxman LX360 or Yamaha A-2000a.

The gold/champagne/tacky is a 1987 updated and more luxurious version of the regular 1985 black PM-94, the latter being the full-tilt version of the original 1983 PM-84.

This large time lapse between versions may be why the 94s didn't sell too well in Japan : they were both upped versions of an "old" thing from 1983.
Probably why Marantz unloaded its remaining stocks in Europe and the US later in the 1980s which made them suddenly very abundant there - if late.

The availability delay between Japan and some of the export markets ranges from +1 to +4 : +4 being four years after the japanese launch, and, therefore, six years (!) after the original PM-84, which the 94s only were upped versions of.

The PM-94 is a bigger PM-84 - sans the power-supply parts and Heat-Pipe inherited from the Sm-8 or Pm-6A for instance.

Quarter-A Class A-A/B system to remain in pure Class A for a quarter of the nominal power output - in other words almost always.
Which is why many PM-94s burned themselves to death due to internal overheating for the PM-94 also is a full-size house-heating service all by itself : there is no output current limiter inside.

Also inherited from the original PM-84 is the AVSS system which is a variant of the dual-rail high/low power output : AVSS stands for Automatic Voltage Shift Supply.
Although taken off the front-plate, replaced by "Mos-Fet" on the shiny badge, and implemented somewhat differently, AVSS still is inside the PM-94, as inherited from the original PM-84.

The output devices are a triple push-pull per channel of MOS-FET K405 / J115, all copper-encased ; the transformer is LC-OFC-wired, the four custom-ordered 22,500µF caps are damped with ceramic powder and low-level signal paths use copper Styrol film caps.

The chassis and all screws are entirely copper-plated ; PCBs use double-thickness copper with variying track widths to control ground current flows.

There were two production runs for the PM-94 :
one with old-style Marantz serial numbers (ie. 59F030048) and only the phono and cd input terminals gold-plated, the other with typically Marantz Japan serial numbers (ie. MZ01624130047) and, at first, only the phono and cd input terminals gold-plated, then, later, all terminals gold-plated.

Internal views of the PM-94 and PM-94 Limited at the indispensable : here and here.

Marantz PM-94, image 1 Marantz PM-94, image 2 Marantz PM-94, image 3
Marantz PM-94 specifications
Title Value
POWER section POWER section
Power : 2x 200W (AB, 20Hz...20Khz, 4 Ohm)
2x 140W (AB, 20Hz...20Khz, 8 Ohm)
2x 35W (A, 20Hz...20Khz, 8 Ohm)
THD : 0,03% (4 Ohm)
0,02% (8 Ohm)
IMD : 0,005% (4 Ohm rated power)
0,006 (8 Ohm rated power)
IHF dynamic power : 300W (4 Ohm)
180W (8 Ohm)
Damping factor : 200
Slew rate : 70V / µs (MAIN input)
Frequency response : 10Hz...200Khz (± 1dB, MAIN input)
S/N ratio : 97dB (MAIN input, A-WTD, 1W output)
MM section MM section
Frequency response : ± 0,2dB
S/N ratio : 83dB (A-WTD)
Maximum input : 200mV (1Khz)
In capacitance : 47 kOhm
In impedance : 100 pF
In sensitivity : 2,5mV
Equivalent input noise : 0,07 µV
Dynamic range : 130dB
MC section MC section
Input sensitivity : 125 µV (LOW MC)
350 µV (HIGH MC)
Maximum input : 10mV (1Khz, LOW MC)
28mV (1Khz, HIGH MC)
In impedance : 3 Ohm (LOW MC)
40 Ohm (HIGH MC)
S/N ratio : 83dB (A-WTD)
LINE section LINE section
Input : 150mV / 30kOhm
Frequency response : 10Hz...70Khz
S/N ratio : 98dB (A-WTD)
Tape outputs : 465mV / 220 Ohm (7,75mV, 1Khz input)
Preamp outputs : 1,5V / 220 Ohm (150mV, 1Khz input)
General General
PC : 395W max.
Dimensions : 46,5 x 16,6 x 45,2cm
Weight : 23,5kg.
List price : 228,000¥ (1985)
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