Marantz PH-1

Marantz PH-22

1 9 9 1 august 1991
1 9 9 6 1996

Part of the Music Link series and available in two identical versions : PH-1 in Japan, PH-22 elsewhere.

Both are much upgraded versions of the 1987 PH-95 which was export-only (itself follower of the 1982 Mc 1000) and the first to sport the "Music Link" name, and both lived through the last period of active japanese vinyl activity - Luxman was however far far more successful with its E-06 and E-06a...

Inside are two Marantz-tagged permalloy-core step-up transformers (for MC carts), Class A Fet differential circuit (for MM carts), one toroidal power trafo, select parts, gold-plated terminals, copper-plated separations resting on a diecast chassis closed by an 8mm front, 3mm top and massive diecast sides. Relays mute the output whenever the MM/MC and EQ settings are changed.

The output can be varied with a (somewhat awkward) back trim pot and the input stages can equalize for the three LP standards : RIAA, SP1 and SP2, plus a flat position for 78rpms.

Very rare but quite probably worth the hunting for the ultra-inclined.

Nudies of an european PH-22 here, a thread discussing the four EQ positions here and a JP PH-1 original here.

Marantz PH-1, image 1 Marantz PH-1, image 2 Marantz PH-1, image 3
Marantz PH-1 specifications
Title Value
MM input : 3mV / 1kOhm (low)
3mV / 47kOhm (high)
MC input : 0,1mV / 3 Ohm (low)
0,1mV / 100 Ohm (high)
Maximum input level : > 250mV (MM high, 1Khz)
Output level trim : 0...-14dBV
S/N ratio : 84dB (MM)
76dB (MC)
THD : 0,001%
EQ curves : 500Hz / 2,2Khz (RIAA ; pos. I)
250Hz (Europe SP1 ; pos. II)
250Hz / 5,8Khz (Europe SP2 ; pos. III)
flat (old SP ; pos. IV)
RIAA curve accuracy : ± 0,5dB
Other curves' accuracy : ± 1dB
PC : 11W
Dimensions : 25 x 8,5 x 21,5cm
Weight : 4,7kg.
List price : 180,000¥ (PH-1)
8990FF (PH-22)
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