Marantz Model 6300

Marantz Model 6300S

1 9 7 5 1975
1 9 7 7 1977

Some components outgrow their technical merits with their image, their perceived image.

Although a rather basic mid 1970s direct-drive with minimal engineering (optical auto-stop, DC Servo motor, vertical & lateral balancing), the Marantz Model 6300 sports visibly, even loudly, its 1975 vintage.

1975 is when "servo-control direct-drive" or "auto shut-off" deserved no less than a big black front badge.

1975 is when Marantz was riding high, still crowned by its fairly recent past, not yet hampered by it, and mostly not yet suffering from Superscope's cash problems and strange marketing slants.

1975 IS Marantz : big, heavy, shiny and the Model 6300 is just that.

It may not be much but, in retrospect, few components do embody, ooze, flesh-out and represent an entire period as evidently as the 6300 does.

Specifications here.

Marantz Model 6300, image 1 Marantz Model 6300, image 2 Marantz Model 6300, image 3
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