Marantz Model 5420

1 9 7 5 1975
1 9 7 8 1978

It wasn't then the best cassette recorder, it still isn't now, but this Superscope recorder sure was lavish, luxurious, wide, large, lit and tall.

The Model 5420 sported a full-size 4-channel mixing board complete with master fader and panpots, a Dolby function which could be used internally or externally with another source or even a Dolby-compatible FM tuner or receiver.

Big VUs with peak level LEDs and a 20° up tilting top panel. Plus a FeCr tape position and Dolby calibration pots.

However, the enclosure and finish are perhaps the most striking elements as the Model 5420 only had two heads (R/P + erase) and one DC-Servo motor...

Smaller siblings included the Model 5400 (sans Dolby), 5220 (frontal loading), 5200 (a 5220 sans Dolby) and 5120 (a 5220 in console type).

All were built by whoever in Japan with parts coming from around Korea and Japan. Miyako Audio maybe ?

More about the Model 5420 here.

Marantz Model 5420, image 1 Marantz Model 5420, image 2
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