Marantz Model 4025

Marantz Model 4025L

1 9 7 7 1977
1 9 7 8 1978

Meet yesteryear's music center of the gold-top and shiny kind : the am/fm stereo recording receiver.

The 1970s equivalent to iTunes : listen (FM), download (record), mix (mix), share (share) - things haven't changed that much in the end.

Made by any of Superscope's japanese contractor, sub-contractor or sub-sub-sub-contractor - things haven't changed that much in the end :)

Marantz Model 4025, image 1
Marantz Model 4025 specifications
Title Value
Power output : 2x 51W (1Khz, 4 Ohm, DIN)
2x 30W (20Hz...20Khz, 4 Ohm, DIN, 0,1% THD)
2x 40W (1Khz, 8 Ohm, DIN)
2x 25W (20Hz...20Khz, 4 Ohm, DIN, 0,1% THD)
Wow & flutter : 0,15% (tape, WRMS)
Frequency response : 30Hz...16,5Khz (tape, FeCr)
FM sensitivity : 1,7µV
Features : 41 stepped detented volume control
True dB attenuation indication
11 stepped detented ganged bass & treble control
8Khz, 12dB/octave high filter
2x speaker systems
2x tape monitors
Superhard Permalloy head
Dolby NR
Damped cassette door
Separate bias & eq switches for FeO3, CRO2 and FeCr tapes
Extended range meters
Defeatable peak limiter
Loudness switch
FM Muting switch
Stereo/Mono switch
Auto-shut off in all modes
Microphone inputs
Headphone jacks
Tape counter with reset
Available as 4025L with LW tuning bandwidth
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