Marantz Model 2500

1 9 7 6 1976
1 9 7 8 1978


With a scope in it. And DC design. And a cooling system that would be carried onto the SM-1000 monster.

And a toroidal transformer with 2 separate L/R windings. And a quadruple push-pull output section. And a 5-gang varicap with PLL, Dual-Gate MOS-Fets and 6-stage IF tuner section. And a Bessel-derived high filter. And as many as "7-million tone controls possibilities".
And a ± 0,5dB 4-gang volume attenuator.
And Dolby FM compatibility.
And 27kg in toto.
And 1600$.

As the vast majority of receivers designed and built in Japan, the Marantz Model 2500 and Marantz Model 2385 were export-only.
Bar the oscilloscope, the Model 2385 is essentially identical to the Model 2500 and survived it by a couple of years.
Replaced by the Model 2600 with added Quartz-Locked tuning circuitry.

Specifications here.

Marantz Model 2500, image 1 Marantz Model 2500, image 2 Marantz Model 2500, image 3 Marantz Model 2500, image 4
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