Marantz LS-85

Marantz Philips FB880

1 9 9 1 c.1991
1 9 9 3 1993

On-the-side additions to the Music Link series.

Despite the Marantz name, the LS-85 is a Philips product, developed in Eindhoven, which Marantz made a version of, just like the earlier and bigger LS-95 which was the FB1000 at Philips.

The 20cm low/mid driver has a cone made of a mix of polypropylene + carbon fibers and a bigga Ferroxdur magnet ; the mid/high driver is an Isophase push-pull ribbon - it moves air fast and accurately. Bi-cabling or bi-amping are possible, and the stand shown here wasn't an option but an integral part of the design ; it could be filled with sand for even more stability.

Marantz being Marantz and Philips being Philips, there is little else said by either outfits about the LS-85 and LS-95... Philips sold the originals in Japan, Marantz sold its versions in Europe - why make simple when complexifications are readily available ? Being a later item, the Marantz version had the Music Link logo, the original Philips doesn't.

A real LS-85 here ; a real FB880 here.

Marantz LS-85, image 1 Marantz LS-85, image 2 Marantz LS-85, image 3
Marantz LS-85 specifications
Title Value
Type : sealed ; 2-way / 2-drivers
Terminals : 4x gold-plated
Frequency response : 45Hz...30Khz (-6dB)
60Hz...22Khz (±2dB, on axis)
Crossover : 1,6Khz
SPL : 86dB /1W /1m
Nominal impedance : 8 Ohm
Power input : 80W (nominal)
150W (maximum)
Bass/mid driver : 1x 8" polypropylene+carbon cone
Mid/high driver : 1x Isophase ribbon
Volume : 39,6L (internal)
61,5L (external)
Dimensions : 53,5 x 32 x 36cm
105 x 32 x 36cm (on stand)
Weight : 32kg.
List price : 240,000¥ (Philips FB880)
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