Marantz HD88

1 9 7 5 c.1975
1 9 7 7 1977

You guessed it : HD stand for High Definition.

Marantz, aka Superscope then, aka SRC in Japan used little tricks to achieve said HD : polyester hemispherical membranes and an acoustic plug allowing to tilt the response between acoustic suspension and bass-reflex.

While the latter was a trick pioneered by Sony in 1970/71 with the ULM series (SS-7600), the former -composite materials- proved to be the future for many.

I'm not sure this HD lineup to have been available worldwide, neither am I sure of where it was built but it was nevertheless designed by Edmond May, former JBL man.

Bar the boring color of the front mousse, I find this HD88 to be quite good looking and well proportioned - anybody know if this was fair sounding as well ?

A very informative thread on AK.
A very informative thread on here as well and an Edmond May bio from the same source.

Marantz HD88, image 1 Marantz HD88, image 2 Marantz HD88, image 3
Marantz HD88 specifications
Title Value
Maximum input power : 300W
SPL : 90dB
Frequency response : 20Hz...25Khz (±3dB)
THD : < 0,5% (35Hz...25Khz)
30° horizontal linearity : -1dB (5Khz) / -2,8dB (15Khz)
-2dB (5Khz) / -4,5dB (15Khz)
-2,5dB (5Khz) / -6dB (15Khz)
Drivers : 1x 30cm bass
1x 12cm mid
1x 4cm high-mid dome
2x 2,5cm wide dispersion tweeters
Repartee : 500Hz / 3Khz / 8Khz
Nominal impedance : 8 Ohm
Dimensions : 106 x 38 x 30cm
Weight : ?
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