Marantz DPS-1

1 9 8 9 may 1989
1 9 9 1 1991

Rarest of all Music Link series, the DPS-1 is an external "digital power supply" for the DAC-1 / DMA-1 (aka SC-22 and MA-22).
It was built by Yoshida Denpa on Marantz specs' and was a Japan-only item.

It provides four terminals for low-power and four others for high-power components ; enough to hook four DMA-1, one DAC-1, one PH-1 and one CD-23 (although the latter didn't exist when the DPS-1 was launched and the latter didn't exist anymore when the 23 was...) with one low-power terminal left for... a sadly never developed Music Link tuner ?

The AC input is cleaned up with early versions of the CCNE, Marantz' AC "noise killer" circuit.

The DPS-1 seems to have sold very poorly and it was very quickly dropped from the catalogs...

A real DPS-1 here (with a red "on line" light).

Marantz DPS-1, image 1 Marantz DPS-1, image 2
Marantz DPS-1 specifications
Title Value
Switched outlets : 2x 50W (low power)
2x 100W (low power)
4x 250W (high power)
AC : 100V / 50 or 60Hz
PC : 1,3kW max.
Dimensions : 25 x 8,4 x 21,5cm
Weight : 7kg.
List price : 68,000¥
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