Marantz DAC-1

Marantz SC-22

Marantz SC-23

1 9 8 8 august 1988
1 9 8 9 may 1989
1 9 9 6 1996

The DAC-1 is the inital component which will give way to the Music Link series... once Philips will have had its own SC-22 export version, and added the Music Link tag along the way.

The SC-23, shown here below, is a later version, visually slightly redesigned (knobs/switches/"blue star" surrounds) and put in the vented enclosure of the DMA-1 / MA-23 power amp ; otherwise equivalent but for improved specs separating it from the two original versions.

All three versions make for a line-level preamp with super-permalloy core transformer-balanced outputs allowing phase+ / phase- amplification, one main toroidal transformer, an old ALPS RK50 2-gang pot (aka "Black Beauty"), Nichicon Muse caps, 70µ copper glass epoxy PCBs, a diecast chassis on which copper-plated separations actually hold the hardware, 24K gold-plated terminals, 8mm front aluminium slab, 4mm aluminium top and solid aluminium knobs and switches - all non-magnetic.

The circuit design was mainly inherited from the DLT-1 line transformer (upped and remade with the post-Music Link LT-1) : all input signals go through a pair of LPF to block everything digital sources may leak through analogue circuits - see the schematic below.
The SC-23, however, has a much wider frequency response - Philips/Marantz may have decided to change their LPF slope or type for more high-end transparency...

As the dwindling of the suggested pricelist suggests, from 160k¥ to 120k¥ in three steps, Marantz obviously found the DAC-1 / SC-22 / SC-23 difficult to sell...

A real EU SC-22 here ; a JP SC22 here ; nudies of an EU SC-23 here ; nudies of a JP SC-23 and two DMA-1s here.

Marantz DAC-1, image 1 Marantz DAC-1, image 2 Marantz DAC-1, image 3 Marantz DAC-1, image 4
Marantz DAC-1 specifications
Title Value
[SC-23 alternate specs in white brackets] [SC-23 alternate specs in white brackets]
Inputs : 4x 300mV / 47kOhm
Outputs : 2x 1,5V / 50 Ohm (phase NORM) [1V / 100 Ohm]
2x 1,5V / 50 Ohm (phase INVERT) [1V / 100 Ohm]
Frequency response : 20Hz...20Khz (± 3dB ; SC-22)
10Hz...80Khz (+0 / -3dB ; SC-23)
Gain : 14dB
THD : 0,03% (20Hz...20Khz) [0,002% (30Hz...20Khz)]
S/N ratio : 110dB (A-weighted)
Crosstalk : 85dB (1Khz ; SC-22)
PC : 8W
Dimensions : 25 x 8,4 x 21,1cm
Weight : 4,2kg.
List price : 160,000¥ (DAC-1 ; 1988'08)
146,000¥ (DAC-1 ; 1989'05)
120,000¥ (SC-23 ; 1992...1994)
9500FF (SC-22)
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