Marantz CD-99SE

Marantz CD-99SE limited

October   1 9 9 0 october 1990
1 9 9 2 1992

After the CD-94 bestseller and CD-99DR drive-only sibling, Marantz really pushed the CD-95 to the limit with a Special Edition set made of the PM-88SE, CD-99SE and SD-66SE.

The 99SE however was produced in four versions, one of which documented, the other three... not really.

CD-99SE :
The super-charged Special Edition CD-99SE (1990) is an all-in-one CD-12 / LHH1000 with two TDA1541A S1 instead of one.
The copper-plated chassis and toroidal transformer of the LHH1001 are the same so this makes the 99SE a CD-95 with toroidal transformer and copper-plated chassis.
The rest is basically the same, including the Philips CDM CDM1, aka "everlast". This original version only had a sticker added to the drawer and, behind the flap, the SE tag proper.

CD-99SE Limited :
Last to appear, c. 1991, it exists in two versions which I'll name "v1" and "v2".
Both have "Limited" stamped on the drawer's front and, behind the flap, lack everything but the 7 pads for display/AMS/ff/rew/index... yet retain the FTS selector.

v1 :
Different scripting announcing the "limited edition" and, inside, two S1 converters with two crown symbols printed on them - therefore normally S2s... Be sure to have a peek under the hood before buying !
That version also was available without the stamped scripting announcing its "limited" status ; a simple front sticker was used.

v2 :
A 2x TDA1541A S2 end-of-production limited edition.
The S2 sentence is also printed behind the flap with two crown symbols (where the ten track buttons are on the CD-94 and CD-95). Replacing the front badge, the Marantz name is there stamped at the top center of the faceplate, as would be done on all later top Marantz components.

These two (three, four...) 99SE Limited versions are extra-rare items, apparently 200 only were made (number ? together ? each ?), but they are the very best compromise one can access between absolute reliability (CDM1) and great sound (TDA1541A S1 or S2).

A real 99SE here and a real 99SE Limited (v2) here.

Marantz CD-99SE, image 1 Marantz CD-99SE, image 2 Marantz CD-99SE, image 3 Marantz CD-99SE, image 4
Marantz CD-99SE specifications
Title Value
Frequency response : 2Hz...20Khz (± 0,1dB)
Dynamic range : 96dB
S/N ratio : 104dB (1Khz)
Stereo separation : 100dB (1Khz)
THD : 0,0015% ((1Khz)
Analogue outputs : 2V RMS (nominal, single-ended)
Digital outputs : 1x TOS optical (800nm)
1x coaxial (0,5V p-p, 75 Ohm)
PC : 21W
Dimensions : 45,4 x 10,6 x 35,7cm
Weight : 13,8kg.
List price : 200,000¥ (99SE, 1990)
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