Marantz CD-99DR

October   1 9 8 8 october 1988
1 9 9 0 1990

The 99DR is a very rare drive-only version of the CD-95, with the added benefit of a toroidal transformer (adding 200g to the overall weight).

The signal board was entirely redone to hold all coaxial and TOS ICs flat instead of added vertically on the right side.
No headphones circuit and output, though, but all other functions were retained behind the flap.

Meant to complement the digitally-equipped PM-95... yet more expensive than a regular CD-95 or later CD-99SE despite not having any d/a stage !

Unlike the CD-95 or regular CD-99SE, a small export batch of the 99DR was made, in matte-ish black.

Nudies or a real 99DR here.

Marantz CD-99DR, image 1 Marantz CD-99DR, image 2
Marantz CD-99DR specifications
Title Value
Digital outputs : 1x TOS optical (800nm)
1x coaxial (0,5V p-p, 75 Ohm)
PC : 21W
Dimensions : 45,4 x 10,6 x 35,7cm
Weight : 14kg.
List price : 228,000¥
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