Marantz CD-95

Marantz CD-95DR

Marantz CD-95 Limited

1 9 8 8 november 1988
1 9 9 3 1993

Given the worldwide success of the CD-94 series, it was normal Marantz & Philips decided to multiply the source of the success in various guises.

CD-95 :
If the chassis and single transformer of the CD-94 Limited remain the same, the d/a section was upped with two TDA1541A S1 converters and the faux-wood sideburns replaced by impressive diecast sideburns.
The rest is basically the same, including the Philips CDM CDM1, aka "everlast" ; the feet are fixed to a 3mm bottom steel plate and are like those of the PM-94 : holding a ceramic resin compound.

CD-95DR :
Is a rare drive-only version of the CD-95 : visually entirely identical but no TDA's inside, no headphones' output & pot, no back heatsink and two coaxial digital outputs. This version was meant as companion to the digitally-equipped PM-95 (same S1 section).
The 95DR was more expensive than the normal 95 because its chassis was copper-plated ; see one here.

CD-95 Limited :
Differs visually by the addition of a stamped "Limited" on the tray's front and, mostly, the use of two TDA1541A S2. An extra-extra-rare version which ended the production run.

Beyond the S1 converters of the CD-95, the CDM is the reason why such an "old" player still is sought-after : it is the best compromise one can access between reliability (CDM) and great sound (1541A S1 or S2).
Although planned like the CD-12 or LHH1000 of the poor, the CD-95 sounds great : it makes music. So much so that... I own one :)

To get even better music, the three CD-99SE versions are the way.

Marantz CD-95, image 1 Marantz CD-95, image 2
Marantz CD-95 specifications
Title Value
Frequency response : 2Hz...20Khz (± 0,1dB)
Dynamic range : 96dB
S/N ratio : 104dB (1Khz)
Stereo separation : 100dB (1Khz)
THD : 0,0015% ((1Khz)
Analogue outputs : 2V RMS (nominal, single-ended)
Digital outputs : 1x TOS optical (800nm)
1x coaxial (0,5V p-p, 75 Ohm)
PC : 30W
Dimensions : 45,4 x 10,4 x 35,5cm
Weight : 12,8kg.
List price : 180,000¥ (CD-95 ; 1988)
164,000¥ (CD-95 ; 1989)
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